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by - August 11, 2013

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Last Wednesday, after our perming session, Tracy and I headed over to our next event at Podium and it was so timely that we had our hair and makeup done before it. :) We looked so prepared! Hehe. :) Reason why, even if my outfit looks really simple, I still want to blog about it, because of my dolled up look. ;)

 photo IMG_1094_zps9a6b2657.jpg
 photo IMG_1103_zps977d919b.jpg

I recently used this photo as my profile pic on Facebook and a few people mentioned that I looked like Chriselle Lim of The Chriselle Factor. She's sporting a straight hair now but back when she had permed hair, I would totally agree!:) She's my peg in life! Well, aside from Eva Chen, of course. ;)

 photo IMG_1089_zps86aa9d07.jpg
 photo IMG_1100_zpsa492be8b.jpg

cardigan: giordano
dress: american eagle
sandals: comfit
necklace: love nikita

Had a long day of fun yesterday which started out with archery. I can't wait to share it with you guys in my next posts. :) Just staying in today for some much needed R&R. Hope you all are having a great long weekend!


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  1. I love love love this look on you babe!!! :"">

  2. Super bagay this hair style on you, babe!!! ♥ Extra pretty!

  3. very pretty! mas mgaan ang hair look. emailed you! :)

  4. Hi Leyanna!:) Replied to your email!

  5. Thank you, Gela!!:D Love your new blog layout, BTW!

  6. I have noticed your dolled up look in this post. You look extra beautiful with your hair dear.
    And I really like your outfit too!
    Simple and very pretty! :)

    -xoxo, FRANCES


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