02 August 2015

TW Steel turns 10!

TW Steel, in celebrating its 10th anniversary of being 'Big in Oversized Watches', has unveiled a bold new Canteen Collection to captivate consumers looking to make a style statement with the brand's stand-out design.

The revised and reinvigorated collection featuring 45mm and 50mm case sizes, simply takes the Canteen style to another level having been the very platform on whuch 'The Watch in Steel' has been built since its founding in Amsterdam in 2005 with a four-model offering.

A major feature introduced for the new-look collection is the presentation of each design in a 3-Hand, Chrono and Automatic movement edition.

But the timepiece designed to celebrate the brand's 10th Anniversary is sure to tug your watch fancy!:)

Want to see what it looks like? :) Read more below!

26 July 2015

My recommendation

When it comes to picking things, I often ask people or close friends for recommendations. It's not that I don't trust my own judgement, but I'm sure you guys would agree with me when I say that, it's always best to get another person's opinion, so you can gage more if you want something or not.

Just like with my OOTD photos, I ask my blogger friends for direction on where I should take my pictures or which shots look better to upload. :)

There are times when a lot of decisions make it confusing for me to choose. Are you like that as well? :)

22 July 2015

My Slim Detox

Ever since I was younger, people have always pointed out that I was lucky to have such a slim figure. I didn't really take notice of it until I was older. Being slim is not a priority of mine in life. It's actually more of being fit and healthy. :) Because you can be stick thin, but not healthy on the inside. What truly matters is how you maintain your body, especially now that there are a lot of people getting sick due to the food we eat.

Truth be told, when I entered college, I wasn't really the healthiest eater and I think most of the people at Taft would agree with me. We're surrounded with fast food and if you need to rush to your next class, you really don't have any choice but go for the quickest meal you can find. :(

I personally want to clean myself from all the bad food that I eat and My Slim Detox is known to a lot of people to remove toxic qualities in the body.

So, what is good about My Slim Detox? Read more below!

17 July 2015

Candy Making + giveaway!♥

When it comes to sweets, I'm not much of a chocolate or cake person. Growing up, I loved hard candy the most. I would always have some in my bag or when my grandparents ask me what 'pasalubong' I wanted them to bring me home, I often go for hard candies. :)

Nowadays there's a huge variety of candies and one of the best ones I've encountered and tasted is the one from Made In Candy. My sweet tooth just loves the sweet and tangy taste of their rock candies!

A short background about Made In Candy...

"The Candylab (Philippines) Inc., handling Made in Candy (MIC), first made its 
debut in the Philippines in the year 2012, with their first store located at the bridge 
way of the Powerplant Mall, Rockwell Center, Makati City. MIC was an idea born 
from the obsession with candies.  

Made In Candy, Asia's first independent candy kitchen. Where everyone's sweet 
desires are met! "

With the awesome Candy Men and Candy Crew! :)

Yes, that's a huge edible lollipop!

Last Friday, they invited me over to their Glorietta 4 stall to do what? To experience making my very own rock candies! ^_^ I got so excited when I received the invite and it was an immediate 'YES!' for me! One of my dream events!

What design did I make? See more below!

14 July 2015

Wingstop Flavor Revolution!

Happy Tuesday to you all! :) Hope everything is alright and you're surviving the week! Only three days left till the weekend and we can enjoy our much awaited rest! But for now, let me lighten up the rest of your weekday with some good news from Wingstop!

Wingstop Philippines will host an Instagram photo contest that will encourage people to share their best photos experiencing Wingstop’s flavorful chicken wings. One winner will be chosen weekly to get P2,000 worth of Wingstop gift certificates, and then the best photo after a two-month period will get a Wingstop Flavor Revolution.


• Follow Wingstop on Facebook and Instagram 
• Upload your photo enjoying your favorite Wingstop chicken wings with a creative caption 
• Don’t forget to tag @wingsstopph and include the hashtag #WingstopFlavorRevolution so we can see your entries 

Post as many entries as you like! One winner will be chosen weekly to get P2,000 worth of Wingstop gift certificates, and then the best photo posted by the end of August will get a Wingstop Flavor Revolution Party for him/ her and nine of his/ her friends!

Check out more about the Wingstop Revolution HERE :)


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