30 May 2015

Lee Denim DIY!

If there's one trend that will never die, it would have to be denim or jeans. It's something that everyone has in their closet and what most people wear on a daily basis. It's such a classic piece and a durable one at that. It will never go out of style and nowadays, you can do so much to it!

Yesterday, I went to the Lee Denim DIY: Rip & Repair Workshop at the SM MoA, Atrium. :)

This is actually my first denim DIY event, so I was pretty excited to see what I can do with my pair of Lee jeans. :) See more below!

Trend Alert: Bucket Bags + recommendations

The Bucket Bag has been a big trend for years, but it comes and goes. This year it's making a comeback again and the brand Mansur Gavriel by Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel is making a big splash in the fashion scene and it has been all over magazines, Instagram and Pinterest ( I would know cos I pin it a lot =P). Though this bag is a bit hard to come by, because a.) It's always SOLD OUT b.) It's a New York Based Design Label (though sometimes you can find it at online stores) and c.) It's a bit pricey.

So, given the choices above and if you're on the lookout for a Mansur Gavriel and will just have to wait like me, I've come up with some bucket bags that is Mansur Gavriel inspired and other designs that might catch your fancy. :)

28 May 2015

TOMS: Without shoes

TOMS as a brand has been one of my favorites, because they not only make quality products, but they actually started out for a cause and not because they wanted to make profit. They sell in order to give children in need and they have done so much already and are continuing to do so. How can you not love that about them? I'm so fortunate that I got to know them even more through the past events that I've been attending and just last week, their 'One Day Without Shoes' movement.

I know this already happened last year and I think every year? But this was my first time and definitely happy to be a part of this! Read more to see what we did!

26 May 2015

The Penthouse down south

If there's one thing I can never quit doing, it will probably be shopping cos I'm no quitter! Haha! Kidding! Have you guys ever heard of that funny saying? :) I encountered it so many times on Instagram and FB that I can't help but start it in this entry, because it's so relatable!:)

I love discovering new places to shop at. Especially if it has everything that I might fancy; shoes, bags, accessories, beauty stuff and more. 
And speaking of new places to shop, I made a visit down south last Sunday for the Grand Opening of The Penthouse shop. :)

It's located at 162 Chloe Building, Aguirre Avenue, BF Paranaque. If you're living around BF Homes, you're so lucky! You get the chance to visit the store any time you want! ^_^ I wish I could!

I had such a fun time going around the store and shopping. To find out why, read more!

25 May 2015

Angel in Tropical Paradise!

Avon, the number one direct selling company and the number one makeup brand in the Philippines, officially launched its limited edition makeup collection Tropical Paradise by welcoming back top caliber celebrity Angel Locsin as Avon's makeup ambassador. 

Truly looking like an Angel when she came up on stage. Angel Locsin has a natural beauty about her. I've met her before and her beauty is not only on the outside, but inside as well. No wonder Avon always had her in mind. :)

More about the launch of Tropical Paradise below...

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