03 July 2015

What My Kids Wore: Rain or shine OOTD

The month of July means that it's already beyond mid year and that it's time to start saying hello to the rainy season more often now. But even if the weather is gloomy, I think we shouldn't match to it. As a matter of fact, the more sad the weather makes us feel, we should counter it with happy hues to make our mood more lively and positive! You can even pass it on to other people who see you. :)

Just like my kiddos, no matter the weather, I love seeing them in cool and happy colors. So when I go clothes shopping for them, I pick the ones that are cheerful and fun to look at. Something that would totally resemble their cheerful disposition as kids!

Check out what my kids wore below...

Potato Night: Free Screening to Minions Movie!

To all my minions! I mean, Minion fans out there! Hihihi! ^_^ I'm sure you're all excited for the much awaited Minions Movie that will be showing this coming July 8 already! I'm so thrilled by this too and with that, I wanna share with you the most awesome news brought to you by Globe + GMovies!

On July 8, 2015 --> 7:00PM GMovies is inviting you all to the block screening of Minions! 

The first 200 lucky people in line will be able to avail of the FREE screening required that they:

- Come in yellow top
- Downloaded GMovies application on their mobile
- Downloaded Viber sticker of Gary at the Movies

As simple as that! Easy, right?? So start downloading that app and stickers! See you on July 8!


30 June 2015

Turning 8 years

I have been so caught up in backlogs lately that I haven't had the chance to do personal posts and I miss that a lot. Blogging just wouldn't be the same without the important parts of my life in it. :) 

Do you, guys feel the same way when you blog? Like, you have to inject a bit of randomness to it or something that felt more 'you'? :) I hope I'm not the only one!

Before June officially comes to a close, I wanna blog about how the Hubby and I spent our 8th Anniversary as a couple last June 12.

How does it feel to be in a relationship this long?

27 June 2015


With so many Katsu and Ramen places sprouting around the metro, wouldn't it be nice to also try one of Japan's famous food? I'm sure you already know what I'm talking about - TEMPURA! :)

There's a restaurant now here in Manila that specializes on Tempura. But at this resto, you can discover the huge difference between tempura and an authentic Japanese tempura made by Tenya. Even if the Japanese tempura has been making waves across the world, Tenya is the one and only undisputed restaurant that serves the best and most authentic Japanese Tendon and Tempura. 

This is my first time to dine at Tenya despite them being open for a long time already. :) 

So, how did I find their food?

26 June 2015

Zalora: Endless Summer

They say that the month of June is the signal to the beginning of the rainy season, but the summer heat just seems to not want to part with us!

With the tropical climate that our country has, summer is indeed everlasting.  Despite the continuous heat of the summer sun that makes everyone so lazy, there should be no excuses in dressing up fashionably especially for us fashionistas. With that being said, I’m here to help you guys in solving your lazy summer heat fashion dilemmas.  

Everybody’s gonna love today’s ultimate summer hang-out because of these fun and breezy summer pieces! From long maxi dresses to short yet sweet floral shift dresses, you will definitely stay fresh under the scorching heat of the sun!

Caption: Flaunt a relaxed and feminine flair with this Floral Shift Dress from LOVE, FIRE P1,400

Caption: For another patterned piece, flaunt those shoulders with this Off the Shoulder Ruffled Maxi available at ZALORA, P1,999

Caption: If you’re opting for a solid black look on a summer day, try wearing this black Rayon and Lace Maxi Dress from ZALORA, P1,299

Caption: Pair these lovely pieces with this trendy ZALORA Strappy Grecian-Look Sandals (P549) and you’re good to go!

Check out more of these summer boho pieces with the Endless Summer video produced by ZALORA.


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