Filinvest Christmas!

The 25th may have already passed, but knowing us Filipinos, Christmas for us doesn't end till J...

The 25th may have already passed, but knowing us Filipinos, Christmas for us doesn't end till January 1 and it's the best time to bond with your family while everyone is on vacation. :) 

One of the best places to go to this Christmas is Filinvest City, situated at Alabang. Take note, it's one place in Metro Manila that I don't visit that often and I don't know why it took me so long to go there, because it's a really great place for the family! Fortunately, a month ago, Beb Ana tagged me along to experience what her side (I'm also from south -Pasay!) of the south has to offer during this wonderful time of the year. ^_^

When we first go to Festival, it was already packed with people, because the Lights Show was already ongoing. :) But I can't help but admire how Festival blended their Christmas decorations so well with their beautiful nature environment. :) We were told during the media launch that they're trying to embrace the beauty of nature and would not want to compromise anything. I think this is great, because being in a city, we lack greens!

This is a nice place to bring your family, where your kids can play around and just breathe in clean air. A great way to unwind and admire the scenery in front of you. :)

So happy I got to share my south experience with south girls Ida, Cher and Ana!:) 

Aside from the beautiful and colorful Lights show, we also got to enjoy a lovely buffet dinner and amazing singing of Jed Madela by the river banks. Nothing could be better!

It was truly an amazing trip for me - I say trip, because it's a bit far from where I live. But I really did enjoy. It was time well spent and I'm glad Beb Ana took me along with her to see the beauty of the South! :) I'm hoping I can visit again soon and take my whole family!

Visit #FilinvestCity and #FilinvestChristmas to see more about it or you can also use the hashtags and share with others your Filinvest City experience! ^_^


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