NEW STAR Margarine Fairy Bread!

As the New Year rolls in, Mom’s will be looking out for new ways to make “ baon ”...

As the New Year rolls in, Mom’s will be looking out for new ways to make “baon” more exciting and friendly for their kids. Turn their snack time into fun, enjoyable moments with the NEW STAR Margarine Fairy Bread!

now available for a limited time in your favorite supermarkets nationwide
Are your kids picky eaters? Then the new STAR Fairy Bread is perfect. STAR Margarine in itself is packed with 10 vitamins and minerals that help in your child’s complete development. Their snacks will be extra special as well, thanks to the colorfully decorated bread adorned with sprinkles. It’s definitely a fun and healthy “baon” alternative that’s easy to do.

Follow these simple steps to create your own STAR Margarine Fairy bread creations:

Step 1: Toast bread
Step 2: Cut it into fun shapes
Step 3: Add a generous amount of STAR Margarine
Step 4: Sprinkle some candied sprinkles on top
Step 5: Take a photo of your creation and enjoy! Don’t forget to use the hashtags #StarSiKidStarSiMommy #StarFairyBread and Tag Star Margarine on Facebook, @OfficialStarMargarine

The New STAR Margarine Fairy Bread comes in four different variants: stars, christmas trees, flowers and classic sprinkles. Now mommies, there’s no need to fret because you too can get a chance to win special STAR Margarine Fairy Bread Kits. Just follow @OfficialStarMargarine on Facebook to learn more! :)

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