Who invented the clutch anyway??

by - July 22, 2008

Who knew that driving could be so easy and difficult all at the same time? I love steering and the speed, but when your just a beginner, everything goes pretty slow.

So, I've already consumed 7 hours out of my 15 hours of driving lessons. I drove from Pasay to Paranaque today and my, my, my it is not at all easy. Our car is a Toyota Innova automatic and the car that A1 provided me is the same only it's manual in function. With that I have to gather all my coordinations together like, eye, feet and hand coordination all at the same. My dilemma right now and I know for sure, my instructor is getting quite tired of it, is the clutch and the gear shift. It's not that easy, I made the car tilt three times in the middle of the road, goodness me. Nevertheless, I am not going to quit. I am going to learn that stick shift if it's the last thing I do!

Can, I also share how much I dislike running the car on the road at only 20 KPH?? and at gear one, but I have to follow my instructor because he's the boss, but doesn't he realize whenever I over do the gas that I have a need for speed!?! hahaha. Kaskasera raw. Well, he did let me go at 40 KPH today and at gear 3. That made me a tad happy. I hope next time he lets me do that more.

I can't wait to get my Non-professional license next month. Hopefully, I do well on my exam at LTO. And of course I can't wait to take out our car and I am so thankful by then I no longer have to bear with a stick with many gears and most especially a CLUTCH! because an automatic car does not include one. Weeeee. That's one function, I am sure to forget every time I step in the car. Thank you to the people who invented automatic. Too much stress having a manual to drive. Hay,hay,hay. I admire all the expert lady drivers out there who can over take buses and trucks. I salute you all!

Anyhoo, that's all for now. All that driving has made me tired. Good night, everyone. Sleep tight!

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  1. Oh, I feel you with the clutch thing. Haha! Good thing there are automatic cars now!

  2. i knooow right! hehe praise, automatic cars!

  3. All cars have clutches so they can change gears to make your everyday car go faster. =))

    What Automatic cars don't have is a clutch PEDAL. =P But anyway, I hope you get the hand of it. It's worth it.


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