listen to the rhythm of the falling rain

by - October 11, 2008

I don't understand why does it have to rain a lot nowadays. Is it because of global warming or it's just because the rainy season is up. I don't know, but for whatever reason, I hate it. I dislike the rain especially during the weekends. Because, it is on the weekends that I get to spend quality time with my son and Wubie, it is on weekends that we go out and spend are free hours at the mall. I so detest staying at home and be cooped up. It's our family day again tomorrow and I hope this time after three days of having heavy rain it would finally stop and permit us to do our thing. I want to enjoy Serendra pa naman. =( Poohoo. I want to check the store called BACKSTAGE and view some of the Claylette's products and also to check Sonia's cupcakes to ask if they do baptismal cupcakes because on December Athan will have his much awaited baptismal.:) If ever it does rain, I guess we just have to wrap Athan really well and bring a gigantic umbrella (yung pwede pang tatlong tao hehe). Hayy, gotta cut this short. My red flag is up and I must rest. Besides we have to wake up early tomorrow so, after Serendra we'll visit Athan's Grandma Zabat. :) Well, to those who love the weather right now, enjoy your cozy and cold sleep and to those who dislike it like I do, lets keep our fingers crossed that it doesn't! TTFN! Good night.

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