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by - November 29, 2008

Wow, its the weekend at last! I felt as if during the week that it wouldn't even come, but its here and I couldn't be anymore happier.:) Today was a boring day at school. Nothing much happened. Teachers have boring lectures and I felt as if time was like a turtle running for the finish line. I don't know I felt really, really bored a while ago school even though I didn't have to wake up the usual 8:30 AM for my GEPSYCH class because lucky us, our teacher gave us a free day. Again, I love Mrs. Alcarazen!

Maybe, I found school boring today because I was extremely anxious to go to my high school CSA. I haven't been there for almost 8 months and having the time to go there was just total nostalgia. Btw I finally got my yearbook! Its super awesome. Not the like the typical ones you have. Ours looked like a scrapbook and I was happy to see that being our class write-up representative for our Augustinian yearbook paid off because I was together with where you'd find the editor-in-chief, photographers, etc. I only had a small part, but that was more than enough.:) I only had one reason to hate going to school and that was to walk back and forth out Dasmarinas village. Our school is inside a village like Assumption so, its pretty tiring and not to mention I had my killer doll shoes on. I wonder why I wore it? Hayy, beauty has a price nga naman. Pretty flats, yet PAINFUL! I kept agonizing over it to Wubie. I'm just thankful that he was patient with me all the way. So, lesson learned, NEVER WEAR PRETTY FLATS ON A LONG WALK TO A VILLAGE!=P

Oh yah, last weekend super late update, but yeah anyhoo we went to MoA last sunday because when we had our family day during saturday I found this uber cute froggy sandals for Athan at Chicco (he's a Chicco baby!), but unfortunately we didn't have enough moolah for it that time so the following day I asked my Mom if we could get it and after buying it I showed it to her and she liked it as well!:) How about you, guys? Do you think its cute too?:)

And of course my love for Popobe is still present and has not faded one bit! I wasn't able to get the Mickey mouse version that I wanted so much, but here are three cute ones to compensate it. I really love my php40 Popobe's from Japanista! She has cute and unique stuffs! So, do visit her!

Btw, I'm going to open an online store called KNICKKNAXX soon. My items are going to be mainly imported from Taiwan and my main target is accessories. So do watch out for it some time december. Thank you!
Well, this is already a loooong update. Till my next update! 27 days till Christmas!! Waaahh! Tah-tah!

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