Meet MiMi and DuDE!

by - May 30, 2009

Ever since I was a kid my mom and I have always been a fan of Gingersnaps' kyooot fashion, even up to my teen years I considered it as a store that has great buys and yes, when I was in my maternity stage, Gingersnaps was THE store for me. I love how the clothes are comfortable and at the same time stylish. It's not my staple clothing store though, because I'm more of a Mango girl by heart than I am into Gingersnap, but last 2008 they released a Kawaii concept that's totally cute quirky and fun. I can't get enough of their Jap-pop inspired designs that it makes me want to go to Megamall or Shangri-la, because they're only one of the few malls that have Just G stores. :)

And of course, if I love a store, it never fails to tempt me. :) Hence, the title of my post---Meet Mimi and Dude! Mimi's the main character among the dolls Just G is selling and after a month of not having stock, they finally released some and now I have her and her kyooot boyfriend dude! *giddy!* Each doll has a short description at the back for their owners to know more about them---

She's terribly silly
and collects socks. She's obsessed with boys
in polka dots shorts like Dude.

He loves surfing and silly girls in
socks. His girlfriend
is Mimi.

If you want a little critter of your own to keep you company, they're affordable being sold at Php 180 each. There are more doll design to choose from, with different personalities and they've all got partners to be with, so you won't have to worry about them getting lonely hanging alone on your bag. :)

Aside from the charms, I also fell in love with their graphic tees. They have such kyoooot designs and I couldn't help it, but buy one---

There are a lot more designs to choose from, but unfortunately their smallest size is 1 and being a small framed girl, they often run out of my size and I was lucky enough to get the last piece of this. I wanted another shirt, but no size. The sizes available left often range from medium to large, which would be already too big for me. Sigh, if only I wasn't too skinny. :( Oh well, be thankful for what you have, that's what they say, right? :)

I can't wait for their upcoming pieces. I bet they'll be sooo kawaii again! If you're interested in the stuffs I posted and want to see more of their designs, just dash to any Just G boutiques located at Shangri-La, Megamall building B, and Rockwell. :)

What are the things you consider cute?
Do you buy any Gingersnaps/Just G product growing up?
Have you seen their latest collection?

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