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by - February 28, 2010

Watched the Pyro Olympics: UK vs. CHINA last February 21st with the family at San Miguel by the bay courtesy of my Uncle who got free tickets and I believe people who watched that night would agree with me when I say UK really rocked the competition. China was alright, but got me a bit disappointed because I expected China to be hardcore or at least better for that fact that they produce fireworks, don't they? Well, I guess it's how you execute it not where it came from. =p But anyhoo, both were great. I just think UK had the best ending. :]

I watched the movie Wild Child last night and I got hooked to the soundtrack. This one in particular caught my heart. It's "Chasing Pavements" by Adele and her voice is just heaven to listen to. So far it has 6 plays on my playlist now and I'm still not tired of it. Expect that 6 to grow exponentially. Tee-Hee. :]

Lastly, I'm still not over Shuwee's death and it's quite hard for me to accept that even though he's just a pet. That's why I'm very thankful for the people who try their very best to comfort me, like Gersh who today surprised me with a cute Zipper pal that said, "Little Princess" on it (now my AVA Zipper pal has a new friend..Yey!) and treated me to ice cream twice. It really helped lessen the sadness I feel. Thank you so much for that. You know surely know how to make me smile. :]
February is ending and I can sum it up by saying I spent it well. It wasn't all happy days but still something worth remembering by. I can't wait what March has in store for me, I just hope it treats me nice. Happy February 28th, everyone!

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