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by - March 21, 2010

Today was my date with Jason Castro at Market Market! I have been waiting to see him in person since the first time I heard "Let's Fall In Love again" and granted, Sunday is a weekend and his mall tour is only a drive away from my place, It's fate! I wasn't gonna miss it for the world!

So, going there today with Gersh and Athan I expected that I wasn't going to see Jason Castro up close and get his autograph since I saw from a friend's blog who already saw the event at Trinoma that you had to be one of the 100 CD buyers and at least mall purchase stubs worth Php 1000 and up to see him. Since I didn't have anything to purchase and I thought the CD would cost me about Php 300+ I no longer bothered. But upon going around, we saw an Odyssey booth that was selling Jason's CD for only Php 200 and at that moment, I begged Gersh with the giddy fan girl in me if he could buy me one since I was broke and luckily, he did!:) I was the 90th CD buyer. Imagine that? 90th! only 10 more and I could have missed my chance. Anyhoo, so it was almost 5PM, I lined up, but unfortunately Athan and Gersh couldn't come with me to the activity center because the stubs had a 1:1 ratio, so I ended up sitting alone in the special CD buyers seat and after an hour finally seeing Jason on stage made me feel more happy that we got that CD.

He sang all the songs from his EP album and other songs like, It Matters to Me, Hallelujah and the American Idol favorite Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

After the songs it was time for the Meet and Greet stubs to have their picture taken, then it was our turn, the CD buyers to get our copy signed. Too bad I didn't have a picture taken. No one was around to take a photo of me with him. :( *sniff* But what matters is, he signed my CD and shook my hand! (Excuse me, kilig mode...) As soon as I got down the stage I went straight to Gersh and Athan with a huge smile plastered on my face and eyes twinkling to match it. I was star-struck!

Even now, I'm home. I'm still listening to his songs. It's all on reply and of course since I didn't have any pictures of me at the event, I managed to get a little vain--

Today was just perfect. All thanks to Gersh. :) I surely enjoyed my early birthday gift and I couldn't ask for more. I just can't wait until Jason Castro comes back to Manila again!

So kiss me with your heart touch me with your eyes and love me with your soul I'll never compromise Holding your hand Curing your pain I'll give you love like a year of rainy days, oh
-Love uncompromised By Jason Castro

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