by - March 10, 2010

I'm starting to get annoyed with this issue. I let it pass at first because I'm not the kind of person who would actually press on a false issue, but some people just won't quit.

I LOVE ART and I won't stop what I love doing. It may look like someone copied someone but I know for myself that I did not. I loved art ever since I was a kid. I painted, I sketched, I drew but growing up I stopped because of the responsibilities I had and rekindled it lately because I felt so inspired with a Tumblr friend and she helped me get back my love for drawing and followed her recommendation of where to get a perfect notebook for it, So it doesn't mean the idea was ripped off. I really dislike the fact that people are actually making an issue out of such small thing.

If you, whoever you are find this to be an issue please don't hide and at least speak up to what your problem really is. If you finally tell me and it's valid then fine, i'll stop posting my drawings here and let you take over. But as of now, if you can't, I'm not stopping because I have my own concept of drawing and they come from my mind no one else and please stop passing my link to create an argument. That's just really IMMATURE.

I RESPECT other peoples idea and originality very much. And you know I'd rather get comments regarding how ugly my work is rather than get PRAISED for something that wasn't originally mine.

Right now, I know I'm not doing anything wrong, I will continue what I love doing. I know my works are original and If you're unhappy with that, it's no longer my problem. So, to my first hater, get a life and stop hating.

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  1. oh! whoever that is, he/she is plainly lame.
    i really don't think that your drawings are bad. it's cute, even.
    what's good about it is that it really came from you.

    anyway, people never really run out of things to say against you ;) and that will never do them any good.
    continue with your creativity. it's your passion.


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