Hello Formosa!

by - May 05, 2010

It's officially the start of my one month summer vacation as I am now once again at my second home, Taipei, Taiwan. As some of you may know I've done this little trip with my son last year and now here I am again ready to rant or blog to you about my little adventures here in Taipei with my Mom, Aunt and Son. My blogs will serve two purpose--#1 It will be to inform Gersh about all that's going on with me and Athan here and of course #2 I'll be your Taipei trekker for the month, touring and telling you my mini escapades here. I hope I don't bore you though, but I promise I'll try my very best to make it as interesting as I could. ;)

So to begin with, our airport and airplane experience. We fortunately didn't have any excess baggage this year because we had dreadful-pocket ripping-agonizing experience with excess baggage last summer. We paid Cebu Pacific almost Php 6,000 just to get our all our stuffs checked in due to their rule of only 15 kilos and we exceeded that a looot. So story short PAL allows 20 kilos and we had 19.1. Lucky! The only difficult thing I encountered during the trip was having to take care of our bags while looking after Athan. That's why I had to put him in the trolly when we arrived. When we got to Taiwan's airport however Mom was a bit late because her alarm didn't work but we were really glad to finally see her after five long months. Here are some pictures before and after the flight---
When we finally got to our flat here, Mom took us to a mall near by our house called Dayeh Takashimaya to do a bit of shopping and the first thing that caught my eye was a pair of Keds sneakers that I've been wanting to have for quite a while. I originally wanted red, but Mom said it looks too common so I followed her advice and picked this instead--- The color here seems like blue but really it's sea green. :) Plus I'm not the only one who got new shoes, Athan as well got himself a new pair of sandals!---

Whoops! Not girly sandals but really cute one's from Teva. :) Also after buying we headed down to the food court area of the mall to have our early lunch before doing anything else. The difference about the food court here is it doesn't look like the typical crowded ones that we see back in Manila ( I love food courts in Manila too ah!) It's actually spacey and the foods being served are really good---

After eating we headed to MNG at Taipei 101 to buy me some dresses since it is summer and got new cars for Athan to play with. :) So far that's what we did on our first day here. Looking forward to more outings. lots of eating and a little bit of shopping!;)

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  1. Cute cute cute shoes! :)

  2. Aww this is an exciting series of travel stories sis! will look forward to the next! :)
    love the shoes, tama ang choice ni mom mo a :D love seagreen!! :) and athan is love! his camouflage jumper is too cute! :D

  3. Wow, inggit naman ako nakaalis ka ng bansa. :( I've been wanting to go back to Canada, but my mom said after grad na lang daw.

    Anyway, love the shoes ha! Very nice. :) I would have wanted it in red, but I think seagreen is a good choice!

    By the way, sobrang kamukha ni Athan si Gersh dun sa first picture with the Mickey Mouse. :p Cute! Hahaha.

    Have fun there, twin! Take care. :)

  4. Achie I'm never bored when you talk about your trips, especially Taiwan!!!! I actually envy people who own apartments in other country kasi you can always take a break from all the stressful things here in the Philippines!! :)

    And I love Athan's outfit dun sa first picture! Sooo cute :) and and we never know, baka tama yun mom mo about sa color ng shoes. they know better :D

    Have fun and take care!! :)


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