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by - June 15, 2010

Hello! Hello! It has been my third week at school. Pretty much still the same, while for the others it's their first day of classes. I like the first day syndrome. Not knowing anyone in your class, meeting your nice or terror professors, relaxing your brain because you don't have any lessons yet, buying stuffs you might need at the bookstore and trying to figure out where you can eat during your break since KFC and Pizza Hut is extinct at Taft. You'll mostly encounter those if you're in college already. I don't know if that's welcoming for you, but often that's what college is and personally I love college.

This term will be officially my sixth term in CSB and for the past three terms I think this trimester is the only one I'm happy with--schedule wise. I have encountered long and grueling hours of break since my third term (5-6 hours to be exact) and believe me that is not something to be happy about. I go home a lot and it's a waste of commute money, plus you have the tendency to get lazy to go back. But thankfully this term is a WHOLE lot better. So, my advise to all freshmen---
  • When you get to pick your schedules already, PICK WISELY. Avoid long breaks, so you won't be discouraged to go to class.
  • Pick friends who you can grow with. Meaning people you can have a long term relationship with even if you're no longer classmates or blockmates.
  • Join organizations to have a more active college life. Get involved!
Speaking of joining orgs, I finally joined one myself. I figured if I'm required to join an org related to my course (Export Management Society) I might as well join another one that will get me involved with school activities. So, I joined ComLink last week--

It's an org that caters to the special interest of students that develops our competency not only towards computers but also through other fields of Information and communication technology by means of programs and projects.

I know it's quite a mouth full but I'm hoping I can really learn a lot from this experience and be able to help the Benildean Community. :) So far no activities yet. Right now I'm just ecstatic to get a message regarding that. Talk about getting too active, noh?=p

Well, that's all the school update I have. For now I leave you with, WHAT'S IN MY BAG: school edition---
  1. Tote Bag- Easy to get things in and out. Pretty handy especially when guards try to check your bag. You don't have to keep on opening and closing it over and over again. But of course you have to be EXTRA careful when commuting, since it is an open bag.
  2. Notebooks and Pencil case- A must to keep your bag organized at all times.
  3. Planner- Helps you keep up to date with your home works, projects and deadlines.
  4. Kikay Kit- Every girl needs one to store all your hygienic stuffs and preventing them from spilling out of your bag.
  5. Wallet and Card holder- I place all valuables such as cards and money in my wallet, while I use my card holder to put in my school I.D. and LRT stored value card. I find this to be more convenient and safer as to not having to take out my whole wallet during my commute.
  6. Candy and C2- I can never go to school without a pack of candy or a drink. It helps me stay awake whenever I feel sleepy in class or bored.
  7. Scientific Calculator- I believe every college student already have this in their bags.
  8. Ipod- Lastly music. Something to keep you sane and occupied while waiting.


I told myself that this would be a "photo free" entry, but here I am ending it with two photos. I can't seem to update my blog without pictures anymore. Hmm..

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  1. Ahaha! Thanks for the college advise/tips! Hopefully it will be useful when I go to college next next year! :))

    I love your list! I also have a list like that (not in my blog)! But I only have this mini notebook as my planner XD

  2. Ancute ng what's in my bag school edition mo sis! :) and entries with photos are always the best (for visual peeps like yours truly, hehe)...i miss school! :)

  3. because photos are great!!!!
    Nice stuff ate. And the tips, amazing! Actually, when I read in your twitter about joining an org, i suddenly realized how good it would be however, I still can't find any at our school (since it's small) I even told my bf we should just create one lols! :)) the orgs in our school is not really exciting.


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