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by - July 16, 2010

A lot has happened after my last entry and it has kept me busy because I haven't been able to attend to my online sites as much. But obviously being busy wasn't only the reason. All of us here at Metro Manila had to deal with the awful typhoon "Basyang." The strong winds really scared the wits out of me! I stayed up until 2AM, worried that the huge tree in front of our apartment might fall on our car. Fortunately nothing bad happened and thankfully it only stayed for a day and left our country. It has left damages; blackouts for 3-4 days, but at least it wasn't as bad as Ondoy. I still thank God for keeping the Philippines safe. :)

Of course when there's no light at home and the heat is just too hot to handle, it's always best to head for the place where air conditioning is free, lights are all around and just waste your time away--The Mall! For two blackout days, all we did was hang out at the mall. I mostly hopped from bookstore to bookstore trying to find the book, "LOVE THE ONE YOU'RE WITH" By Emily Giffin and after much searching, today I finally got myself a copy together with the latest issue of Chalk!

I'm currently on Chapter 4 and it's quite interesting already. I can't wait to read further and discover more about Ellen, Leo and Andy! I'm a sap for love stories! Good read. ;)

Also while paying for my magazine and book, I saw this neat TREE HUGGER pen by Haribon Foundation---
"For every Treehugger pen you buy, you are making a difference by restoring our indigenous flora one tree at a time."

BTW, It's not only a pen. It also has a highlighter at the bottom! I'm not a nature buff, but I do prefer purchasing and using recycled items. I believe in my own little way I can contribute just by trying to reuse things. So, if you wanna help, you can start with Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and this pen!

For some spontaneous reason yesterday while accompanying Mom at a store, I stumbled upon this cute canvas bag and immediately fell in love with its simplicity. I remembered my old Eco-Green tote bag that got slashed at the LRT last year. :'( It inspired me to be all artsy fartsy and design my bag!
I just started on it, so not much going on yet, but i'll try and post pictures here regarding my progress and soon enough, finished product. :)

Lastly, today I got this mini notebook. I really find it cute. Petite enough for my bag! I'm gonna use it to record my daily expenses from now on and jot down important notes that I shouldn't forget. Believe it or not, it isn't Moleskin. =p

Well, I hope the electricity continues to work well and may our country remain safe from harm. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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  1. nice blog dear!:) and where did you get the treehugger pen? i want one!:)


  2. we have same ntbk!!! :) mine's red though, my sister gave it to me heehee! :)
    i love the pen nga Pax! :)
    and the tote...cute diy sis!!! stay artsy fartsy!!!!
    PS: I composed a nicer comment kanina biglang nag loko net di nasave huhu =p

  3. hi ava, we have the same notebook though i am no longer using it coz of the starbucks planner....


    ana, we have the same color of notebook.hahaha!

  4. What color's the pen? I think I want one too! :) Haha.

    Anyway, the wind was so scary! I'm thankful to have been safe even if I was away from home. Good thing the dorm had generator, so I managed. Just no wifi whatsoever.

  5. love that pen either..throw it here..LOL


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