Little 'ol me

by - September 23, 2010

AVA in 30 days challenge:Day 16- Another picture of yourself (baby pic!)

Since I'm going to be showing you my baby pictures, I might as well do it with style...


My Mom loved dressing me up. She'll put me in a dress with shoes and bag matching and of course, my staple accessory the headband. She's the reason why I love fashion. BTW, I'm still sporting that folded pants look. ;)


You know that we are living in a material world And I am a mamamaterial girl. ( I know you wanna sing.. ;) ) I love birthdays, don't you? :)


With the best Thaikong in the world. I miss you so much, but I know you're happy wherever you are, Thaikong. I love you always!


And lastly, I am a frustrated chef! Oh, that's me dicing black gulaman, btw Hihi. :)

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  1. you look so sweet on these photos! great idea to show us your childhood ;)

    btw nice blog too :)

    kisses from Russia,

  2. Ang cute, ava! Ikaw na ikaw! :) hehe

  3. Cute! :) hahaha your face didn't change so much from when you were a kid :)

  4. The last photo, sooo cute! I can still see the same features on your recent photos! Heee. :)


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