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by - October 23, 2010


Went to eat at EAT & GO for the very first time last night. We actually planned on eating somewhere else, but the manager/waiter's words containing "Grab a friend and eat for only Php 299!" was too good to pass up, so in Gersh's words, "We must respond to the omens." We got a table and ordered.

While waiting for our food, I decided to take pictures of the place. They have a nice interior designs and it's clean too. BTW, Sorry if the pictures aren't that clear. I only used a phone camera, because I forgot my camera at home. Hence, poor quality. :(

Above their counter you'll see huge veggies greeting you :)

Their restaurant wall. Doesn't it remind you of Hed Kandi artworks?

The Menu plastered on the wall so you could easily pick out your order

The main reason why we ate there-- Coupon!

Their famous PIES LONDON PIES. They have a lot of foods to offer, like pasta, sandwiches, sweets, froze cappuccino, and salads. But I think their London Pies stand out more.

And after a few minutes of waiting, here's our food! *drum roll*

The Boyfriend's: Meat Buccatini, Pasta Alfredo, and Roasted Pepper Rice

Mine: Prawn Buccatini, Pasta Alfredo, and Corn and Carrots

Strawberry Iced Tea
I was expecting more flair to this, but it was good anyway

For two meals being priced at Php 299, the meal was fairly good. I loved the Prawn Buccatini best of all. The Alfredo on the other hand was a tiny bit dry, but I loved how thin the noodle was. Nice texture. :)

Hungry boyfraaann! You can see it in his face, no?

Excuse my haggard face. I'm SO lazy to dress up lately, I commuted, and I'm still trying to get use to my full bangs look. I miss my side swept-- See, I tried keeping it away from my face :(

Anyhoo, all in all the food was good. You can expect that we'll be coming back for more, since One, we have a 50% coupon. Hihi! And Second, because we also wanna try their Pies London Pies. :) Till our next food trip! Happy weekend, folks!

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  1. nice food post, it makes me hungry!

  2. is this the one on SM megamall atrium? :)

    for a phone camera, the picture quality is okay actually :)

    did you get to try their london pies? hmmm they look delicious!

  3. looks yummy! must try this! <3


  4. Ava!
    You were from CSA no? Just making sure! You look so familiar! :) Anyway, where is this Eat and Go restaurant? They could've thought of a better name, don't you think? Haha! No hating here! Haha. Anyway, you look really good for a haggard person ;)
    Thanks for commenting! Oh and I'll be following you :)


  5. @pop champagne thanks for the visit!:) it's pretty alright there :)

    @denise yes it was :)

    @smarla oh yeah! i forgot to put where it's located! yes, it's at SM megamall atrium!

    @mickey yes, you should!:) fairly priced!

    @superfantasticacid yes! hehe thanks for the visit!

    @sharina, yes, sha!:) oh it's located at atrium megamall :D haha i know! eat and go is somewhat..Hmmm=p thanks!:) been following you too!

  6. I saw this in Mega 2 days ago! Their promo sounded really interesting but I just ate at that time. Haha.

    Anyways, seems you had a very good date! ;)


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