by - October 25, 2010

AVA in 30 days challenge:Day 22- What makes you different from everyone else

I believe everyone is different in their own way and what probably puts me in that category is...

  • No matter what problem comes my way I try not to blame God for them. I try my best to think that he has better plans for me or there's a reason why that happened...

  • I try to be optimistic the best way I can. When it hurts, I just cry it out with all my might and then later on slowly let go and move on, because there's no other way, but forward...

  • I love shopping, but receiving vintage/old stuff from my mom's closet is beyond compare for me. They're simply treasures...

  • I like leaving my mark on things. Makes me feel that wherever I go, I'd always be part of something...

  • Lastly, I just do the best I can in being me and not anybody else...

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  1. True, being optimistic is the best way to be happy all the way. Sometimes, I blame God for my downfalls and I'm trying not to because I know that it's not his fault. Its a consequence of my actions. I think you are such a good person :) Athan is lucky to have you as her mom. Good luck, Ate Ava in life! :)

  2. positivity is 1000x greater than the negative ones.

  3. Bad thoughts, I believe, are only thought of to make us feel our worst. I admire you for having that positive outlook in life! :D

  4. Lastly, I just do the best I can in being me and not anybody else... --> this is great Ava because you're already amazing as you are :D


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