Fashionista Friend Award

by - November 17, 2010

Received an award yesterday from my good fashion blogger friend-Denise and I'm really flattered she chose me as one of her 5 fashionista friends. I'm still trying to discover my style, so this is a big thing. :) Thank you again, Denise!

So, for this award I have to...

Show me a fashionable photo of you when you were a kid, and a fashionable photo of you on present time, and tell me how you've changed over the years.

Pass this over to your 5 FASHIONISTA FRIENDS!Enjoy!:)

Kid who's clueless on fashion, but I think this counts as being fashionable with my little folded pants and tuck in style..(which I'm still sporting, btw) ;)

Not a recent picture, but this is me in 2010 :)

I think I've changed over the years in a way that, I try to experiment on my style. When I was a kid I would only wear jeans, t-shirts, and rubber shoes. I disliked wearing anything girly or something that would show my legs too much. I had the tomboy phase. =p But now, I try on dresses, heels, I consider what my bags look like and wear colorful stuff. So, I guess that's how much my style evolved over the years. :)

And now to pass it to my 5 FASHIONISTA FRIENDS

Krissy- Krissyfied

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  1. So cute, Ava! I also noticed the tucked shirt style, galing ah! :D

    Super thanks for passing it on to me! I'm so flattered naman :)

  2. Haha ang cute naman Ava! Parang walang pinagbago! ;) I meant that as a compliment. So fashionista! <3

  3. Ang cute nito! :D thank you Ava for tagging me!!! :)))
    Ang cute ng folded pants mo and tucked in tee :D So adorbs baby!

  4. Aww, you are so cute Ava!!!! You totally pulled off the folded jeans and tuck in style!! And I love how your present photo has the same style (folded jeans and tuck in)! Sana you had bangs na in your recent photo just like when you were a kid :-) Adorable!!!

    And thank you for giving me this award!!! :-*

  5. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! thank you ava girl!!!=) and you are one stylish mama!=) cu soon:)

  6. Wow Ava!I so love your photos! Grabe I like your photos they are so fashionable!and and like what MEGANMONDAY said, wlang pinagbago, it's a compliment! You are so stylish and fashionista since then and now!:)

  7. i love your now and then pictures! :D congrats!

  8. awww... ava! so cute :) i always notice that folded pants. <3

  9. awww.. little ava is soooo adorable and stylish! =)

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