by - November 07, 2010

Last Tuesday my friend Izza (who is also a mom), me and some of our friends decided to have a little get together and play date for our two kiddies. It's not their first time to meet, but they were still too small back then to know what play time was, so we waited and thought maybe this time they'd appreciate it more.

This is how we roll =p

We had dinner first at North Park, then headed to Fully Booked Serendra to let the kids play. It's actually my favorite bookstore, because kids can just run around, sit and read books all day long. :)

Athan reading about cars and trucks. His all time fave!

Alezza picking out a book :)

We stayed at Fully Booked for almost 3 hours and we really had a nice time. It was a bit late and we got a bit hungry afterwards, so we drove to the nearest Mcdonalds and continued our bond there and also parted ways there.


I'll really miss Izza and Alezza. It's a shame that it will take a while before they get to play again. :( But hopefully, when they come back, Alezza and Athan will be the best of friends. :)

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  1. Aw this is so cute bonding session with your kid! I wish my daughter your son will bond soon!:)

  2. ANG CUTE NITO! :) I love the activities, and Athan, super cute mo talaga! :)) hihihi!

  3. So cute! Dyan nagsisimula ata ang childhood sweethearts. Hihi, I'm kidding. :)


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