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Sometimes I get depress whenever I see people achieve something really big in their life. Don't get me wrong. Of course I'm equally happy for them too. I'm just disappointed on how I can't get that or be as good as they are. Its like these questions on my head keep popping up; "When will my big break come?", "Am I not good enough?" and "Why is it never me?" But these are just moments in life where you feel lost and I think everyone goes through them and we have to be strong enough and not let these crazy thoughts run our lives, because someone once told me that, It's all about proper/right pacing and I also think that God has his own timing and plans for me. I should actually be thankful because he takes time to hear my prayers and thinks of what is best for me. If he just gave me everything I want in a whim, without even working for it, then what lesson would I learn from there, right? Or I might not be as thankful as I am when I know I worked for it. He gives me blessings when I least expect it and he makes me feel like a great person. He has his perfect time. When will that be? I'll never know. I just have to wait patiently, faithfully and make the most out of my everyday and concentrate on my blessings and not on other peoples gifts. After all, doesn't mean it's not happening to you now, that it would never happen someday. :) Sorry if my post seems like a downer, but I just want you to know that I am a happy person, and a grateful one at that, but I also have my days. I hope you guys don't hate me for this. :( But, yeah. God has plans for all of us and we just have to continue praying and believing in him. He knows when the right time is. :) After this entry, I'll try my very best to be happier and live life with more optimism. ALL FOR GOD!

"Focus on what gifts God has given u & ur gift gets bigger, focus on what God has given others & ur gifts seem smaller"-RevRunWisdom Twitter

"While you're trusting God for the BIG things in ur life, He's trusting u to be faithful in the SMALL things."-TheLoveStories Twitter

"Life finds its purpose and fulfillment in the expansion of happiness."-Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

"Whatever we put our attention on will grow stronger in our life." -Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

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  1. babe--you're still young! you're still in school pa nga right? when I was in college all i ever thought about was to work in a bank. For me, that's the greener pasteur. It took me 6 years to get where I am now. And I'm not even there yet. Ikaw nga dami mo na din opportunities! Kayo nila Melai. :) But, I do feel for you. Ganyan din ako minsan. May super super bonggang plan si God for you. So hang in there!:) Goodluck teh!:)

  2. It takes a lot of insight, honesty and guts to write something like this and I admire you for that. :-) I think it's normal to feel that way. Your big break will surely come soon! (Are you sure it hasn't already come? :-) )

  3. I know how you feel.. Been there.. And even if I've already "achieved" a few big things, I still feel like I havent done enough. I guess I'll only be able to explain this to you in person.. When we meet! Chikahan yan! Hahaha.. But seriously, dont be too hard on yourself.. Having FAITH means believing in something that we cannot see.. So although we cant see whats gonna happen next, have FAITH that God has an awesome plan for you..and me! :)

  4. You're still young and there's a long way ahead :D you can do it Ava! One day it'll also be your day.

    Plus you have so many blessings right now. You're lucky to have a great son and a loving bf :D

  5. Thank you so much, girls for your encouraging words. Your right. I'm still young and I often forget that. hehe :) I know he has plans for me and I have faith in that :) I'm also fortunate to have friends like you guys who listen to me. :) Thank you!!

  6. I perfectly understand how you feel, and these girls are right..:) Don't you worry, everything will come in it's perfect time..:D SMILE! :)


  7. This is such an inspiring entry! :)
    The "Am I not good enough?" feeling... I hate that. But what we have to do right now is to trust Him. I always ask God to help me achieve the things He wants for me, not the things I selfishly want for myself. I believe He got the best judgment, and Him, I shall trust :)

    It's a complicated world, and I lose my grip sometimes but when I remember all the difficulties I have gone through, I always say to myself, "Hey, why can't I surpass more?" Hihi. you're one of the girls I look up to! One day, it will all happen. We just have to believe and wait for it :D

  8. I totally feel the same way sometimes...
    There's people getting married here and there, so many people getting jobs that I want, so many people I know doing things I really want to do as well such as publish my book - but I guess the time will come in the future if I put in my own efforts too diba? I guess... I don't know what I'm saying but time will come for it to be your turn.


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