Happy December 1st!

Only 24 days till Christmas and I've been spotting a lot of Christmas wish lists going on in different blogs. Made me realize that I hav...

Only 24 days till Christmas and I've been spotting a lot of Christmas wish lists going on in different blogs. Made me realize that I haven't made my own list yet, so I made one. :) I know I won't be getting the things I wish for, but I don't mind. I just find making a Christmas list fun. Adds a little spirit to the holiday, don't you think?;) Anyhoo, here's my Christmas List:

Yuki Loot bag from Ichigo| BlackBerry White Bold | Canon EOS 5D | Chanel Le Vernis in Jade & Jade Rose | Annton black wedges by Steve Madden | Gold Toms | Staedtler Pens | Cute band aids | Phone stickers | Hello Kitty Waffle trinket | and Gypset Cutesy charm bracelet by Accessorize|

Can't believe its December 1st already. Next thing you know we're cheering, "HAPPY NEW YEAR!"=p Can't wait for another year. But i'll definitely miss 2010. :)

This is a tad late, because they're already starting the pick up of shoe boxes today, but I joined even though I was a bit late and if you're willing as well to fill up a shoe box to make an Aeta child happy this Christmas, then please visit this site-LOVE IN A SHOEBOX.. ASAP to know more. Trust me, It's really a good cause. :)

Oh, before I forget...Join BESTIE of THE CAPRICIOUS CLUB'S blog give away!:) She has awesome prizes awaiting her followers. Join now!

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  1. nice Christmas Wish list ;) BTW I love your pink top && nice DP

  2. awesome list! i want a Canon too!

  3. Waaah ava ang dami ko ding gusto for xmas! nga pala dear used your photos for F-STOP's spotted ha hope it's okay! Mwuah! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  4. You can buy the gold toms at Nothing but H2O in TriNoma mall.

  5. @melai, sure melai!!:) np! hehe saya naman nun! mafeature sa shop mo!^_^ thanks ulit dun sa top!

    @samantha, thank you!:) but i don't think i'll buy any time soon :) just wishing hehe

  6. Love the collage Ava!!! Wishliiiist!!! <3 I also want a gold/red toms!!! Pasko na talaga!!!

  7. i love staedtler pens too! and yes, an SLR would be nice!

  8. Those look like killer wedges =/

    Love the wishlist in a picture idea
    I might steal it hahaha
    But I have nothing colourful i want
    I want letters and money!

  9. I looove the bracelet! Im gonna put that in my wishlists too! :)))

  10. a DSLR! haha ive been seeing wishlist with it! including mine! wishing you more gifts and good health! :)

  11. nice list, A! yeah, totally want a dslr too. im just using my bfs for now. haha. hope you get most if not all of it!:)


  12. DSLR, sparkly Toms, Blackberry. Things I want for Christmas too. ;p

  13. Ang galing ng pagkagawa mo sa wish list mo Ava, very creative! I wish you can get half, if not all, of them :)

  14. I'm also dying to have those Chanel nail polish and Gold toms! You have good set of wishlist :)

  15. Those Steve Madden shoes are driving me crazy as well. WHY ARE THEY SO EXPENSIVE?!?!?

    sPam of frou-frou


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