Thank you to everyone who helped me decide on changing my layout. :) From the old plain looking template... I now have something a little ...

Thank you to everyone who helped me decide on changing my layout. :) From the old plain looking template...


I now have something a little more fancy. :) It was really a difficult decision for me to let go of the old one. You don't know how many times I went through changing it, but never clicked the "apply template" button. I've always had the plain theme for almost 2 years, I loved it and therefore found it hard to let go. But since it's already 2011, I guess change is good, like Ana's advice to me. :) So, to everyone who left a comment on my previous post and to Gersh (who I really waited for to reply, so that I can add his vote to the decisions=p) Thank you so much for the help! ARTSY FARTSY AVA now has a new look after 2 years! Thank you also to my amazing twin Megann for my awesomesauce header! *CHEERS!!^_^*

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  1. This is so refreshing to the eyes, Ava! I love it too. :)

  2. your blog's been pimped! nice.

  3. love the new lay-out, its more artsyfartsy!

  4. After two years! Nice! lets drink to that!

  5. Hard to let go of things you've always been used to, huh? But we need to give up some things to make room for better ones. :) I love your home's new furniture! :)

  6. I was a witness to the many layout changes you had. So far, this is the best.

    Simple, clutter-free and chic! ;p

  7. love it! i'm actually contemplating on changing mine as well (even my username HAHA). btw, does the "suggestion" link really on the second line of the menu? :O

  8. whee! congrats on making the big change, ava! :)


  9. I like your new layout ate ava! I used to change the layout of my blog to inspire me to blog more. ^^

  10. congrats ava! nice new layout :D


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