Friends Forever

by - February 16, 2011

This happened about a month ago and I can't believe I haven't blogged about it yet. After giving birth to Athan, I seem to be getting a lot of memory lapse. Anyhoo, last January my high school friends and I had a reunion and boy, do we have a lot of these and I still can't get enough!

THE BEST people in the world
Our meet up place most of the time would be at Chili's at Greenbelt 5 and just talk the night away while munching on good food and good company.

I don't know about you, but I love high school. I enjoy college too, but I always come back to my high school friends and I think they're amazing. I miss them to bits right now and I will forever be grateful for everything they've done for me and Athan way back in senior year. I swear, I wouldn't have survived my last year without these people.

With Camille my "POWERFOOL" Barkada!

Some people weren't able to make it, but you guys know who you are and I love you all SO much! To many more years of friendship! xo~

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  1. I think our highschool friends will be the kind of friends na talagang part na ng buhay mo kahit anong mangyare.. Kase they were the very first "barkada" you've ever had as a teenager so madami kayo memories together.. Wala lang.. Ganun kase ako eh. Hehe.. Lahat ng talagang closest friends ko, from highschool pa. :) Gosh, this post makes me want to eat at Chili's!!

  2. Aww.. how cute! I do love my high school friends! We always go out to catch uP! :)

  3. Awww, it makes me smile when i see HS friends get together. Sana kami rin after ilang years ganyan din! :))

  4. my highschool friends are the ones whos always been there for me.. and maybe d lng ako but for the most of us, there is something sa group of friends from highschool na super essential :] made me miss my friends big time.whoa!

  5. Awwww... You guys are so cuuute. And the food is making me hungry. Hahaha :)

  6. HS friends are indeed precious. walang tatalo sa HS life/friends. :)))

  7. OMG, Ava! What a small world! Raymund's one of my close friends. :)

  8. that's nice. i wish my highschool was like that. most of them were a-holes and bullies :( miss you ava!

  9. amazing friends are the most awesome! :)


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