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Today is February 1st and what a wonderful way to start an entry for the month, but with a birthday greeting for friend!:)

I met Honey for the first time during our IMPULSE CO. shoot and I really didn't know what to expect. If we were going to be friends after that or that was the last meet up. I really didn't know. But upon meeting Honey in person, I knew she was someone I could call a friend. She's genuinely a beautiful person in and out, that's why I think we clicked. :)

Honey, for your birthday, I know it's quite sad that you're not with your family or boyfriend yet, but while that is the case now, we your blogger friends would like to be here for you on your special day. :) I bet when you get back to your family and see Z you would be extremely happy, so we would like to do the same for you!:) I wish you all the best, Hon because you really deserve it. You are a great person and I believe you will go far. :)

Have fun today, okay? And we'll all make it up to you soon!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Love you!!


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  1. Hala, cried a little naman.. I'm so touched.. You are the sweetest, Ava.... :') Thank you so much... Yeah, I was up till 3am.. Fell asleep crying. :( Super miss my family and Zee... But I woke up today and tried to smile na kase its a new day and there are a lot of things to be thankful for.. One of them is having YOU for a friend.. Love you!! Thank you!!!! :)

  2. I thought it was Gersh's birthday! I was surprised to see a girl with you. Haha! Happy birthday to your lovely girl-friend! :-)

  3. Hahahaha, the previous comment made me laugh!!! THANK YOU!! :)

  4. LOL :) funny!

    cute ng line art ni Athan! worth millions yan! hehe :)


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