MAFBEX 2011!

by - June 17, 2011

To all the food connoisseur and lovers out there, it's that time again when the biggest food show of the year, MAFBEX 2011 is happening here in Manila.

This isn't my first time to attend MAFBEX. If I remember correctly, my Mom once took me to MAFBEX 2009 to see the famous international chef, Bobby Chinn. My mom has load of cook books, so no doubt I know a few stuff about cooking!:) I'm also proud to say that my fellow Benildeans in the SHRIM department are a part of this for years now and I can't wait to see them in action this week!^_^ 

I know I look skinny, but believe me, I love food so much and MAFBEX is definitely the place to be when you want to taste international flavors and make your tummy happy. :) 

So, don't miss out! MAFBEX 2011 is from JUNE 15-19, 2011 at WORLD TRADE CENTER. Hope to see you there tomorrow!;)

x A.F.A.

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  1. Nice blog :O :* Invite me <3 +FOLLOW?

  2. Coool! I haven't been to something like this before. Hehe :D

  3. Awww!! It's too bad I only found out about this now! :-(


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