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by - July 03, 2011

It's true what they say that, it's not about who you've known the longest; it's who came and never left your side. I think that quote applies to the friendships I've found through blogging and I'm very thankful that, because of blogging, I gained perks and one of the best ones was to meet new people and true friends, like Honey. :)

Cute Japanese dolls! Remind me of Kimmi Dolls. :)

Keigh, Belle, Krissy, Mike, Kookie, Karl, Ral, Aie and Honey :)

Honey has been my friend for almost 7 months now and it's sad to say that just when we were starting to get really close that she has to leave and go back to Kuwait to pursue her job and be with her family. I know she's been waiting to be with them for the longest time, but I'll really miss her so much!:( I CRY! Sigh. So, yesterday, a few of the blog friends gathered to have a little despedida for Honey at Greenhills. :)

I was late, so wasn't able to enjoy their company during lunch at Omasake, but I was able to bond with them more through our mutual love, HAPPY LEMON!^_^

My milk tea checklist: [x] Gong Cha [x] Cha Time [x] BubbaTeaLicious and finally [x] Happy Lemon! Can't wait to try Serenitea, Bubble Tea and Moon Leaf next!


See Kuya looking? He called me, "ABA! " ABA!" so many times and LOUDLY. It embarrassed me A LOT to get my order! =P Kasi naman, Kuya, its AVA-EIVA and with a "V" =P


While lining up to order, I bumped into fellow blogger and my third prize winner from my giveaway, Nikki Abella! I find it really awesome to meet bloggers and readers when I'm out and about. It's kewl!;)

And of course, after getting our dose of Happy Lemon, class picture time!!!


Meet Lita and Lana ;)
Belle and Kookie's Jeffrey Campbell shoes! Can you say shoegasmic? 

Pax, Me, Belle, Aie and Mike!

Spot Athan!

I love how everyone looks SO chic and fasssyyyon!:)


We also went to Bora. See the palm trees? CHOS!=P Bora-Boracay lang ang peg!


With mi love, Keigh! I love how close we still are. From second year high school till now, as blog friends too!:")

And last, but not the least...


Honey, I know I've said this a million times, but I really will miss you. :"( I feel that it would make a huge difference when you're gone, especially to me and Ana. Having you as a friend is something that I will always treasure. It's not everyday that you meet someone as sweet, loving, easy to talk to and friendly as you. Every time we hangout, I can never run out of things to talk about. You always know what to say and you make it easy. Thank you for the friendship and for loving me and my family. I love you, Babe! Promise me we'll see each other before you leave!!! (kung hindi, tampo ako!! haha!) ;)

The day was short, but sweet and I'm glad I got to spend my Saturday with these wonderful people. Till our next Bloggers meet up! Love you, guys!!!

x A.F.A.

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  1. So ganyanan talaga? Magpapaiyak ka ng alas tres ng madaling araw? Huhuuuu :(((

    Aalis lang ako but we will always stay connected thru Facebook, Twitter, email and of course.. OUR BLOGS!!! :)

    Love you guys and thanks for being with me today.. <3

  2. Aww! Ang sad kasi hindi ko na-meet ever si Honey. :( Hope when she visits Philippines ma-meet ko na siya.


  3. aww, you guys are so sweet! I read everyone's blog about this meet-up.

    xx, Channie

  4. Aww so sad I wasn't able to stay long and have more group shots with you guys.

    We'll miss you, Honey! ♥

  5. nice group!

    and what wonderful shoes !

    come for a visit to my blog , and if you like it sign as fellow , I'll do back

    ciao from Italy ave

  6. aww Ava kakasad naman toh! =( will miss Honey bee too!

  7. awwww, i love honey bunches too! she was tweeting me about this and i was like, gah, i wish i could just fly to manila right now :/ so envious of this, defitely wish i met more of you guys when we were in manila :(


  8. it looks super awesome to be able to find new friends through blogging!

    and not the type of creepyish people on the net. lol if you know what i mean.

    btw i love ur new header ava!


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