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by - July 10, 2011

Being in an art school has always been a dream of mine and even if I'm a bit far from that line in terms of my course, I still love it very much. Having that in heart, I was thrilled to be invited last Thursday to attend a workshop at the Raffles Design Institute located at Bonifacio Global City together with my blog friends. :)

There were four topics and I unfortunately missed the first talk about, Interior Design: "The Eco Friendly Condo: 15 ways to Ethically Upgrade your Home" by Mr. Lee Miles. I like knowing more about eco stuff, so it was a shame to miss this, but fortunately, I was in time for the next talk by Fashion Marketing and Management expert, Ms. Nela San Jose. :)

[Photo heavy entry starts here!=P]

Her topic was about "Fashion Trends: The Past Inspiring the Future"


She explained to us how trends go about and she showed us a chart on why some stores have the exact same trend going on. I never knew that they have trend chasers/forecasters to follow people around, take pictures of them, from there, they can spot trends and that begins the flow.

Ms. Nela also showed us the trends of the past and how they're making a comeback now and how designers are coming up with their own modern version of the past.

The 1940's trend really amazed me, because WWII began during that time and Ms. Nela told us that during that time, some women didn't have enough clothes or couldn't afford new ones, so when they go out they sometimes borrow their husbands clothes and incorporate them into their attire. Can you say androgynous?;)

We went through loads of fashion history and these are some of my favorite era...

1960's- Hippie


The past look and present twist on the 60's :)


I covet the platforms from Prada. *sings* I wanna be a billionaire SO freakin bad!"**



Reminds me of The Breakfast Club!^_^ Love that movie! We also have the big shoulders, leg warmers, neon and....."Let's get physical!!" By Olivia Newton-John =P




They say that our time has no distinct look, maybe because we have different styles now and we incorporate vintage and mixed trends in our way of dressing up.  Kudos to self expression!:)


Before the talk ended, Ms. Nela gave us a short quiz about Fad vs. Trends. It was really fun, because sometimes you think that a certain thing is a trend when actually its just a fad, because it never did last. Example? Shutter shades. =P

After the Fashion Trends workshop, we all headed down to have a buffet lunch courtesy of Raffles!


With my Raffles classmates: Ana, Tracy and Keigh!:)

As bloggers after our lunch, we decided to tour the institute a bit to see their facilities and what they have in store for their future students...





Only the best of the best for their art students!

The next workshop we had was with Mr. Buz Walker-Teach and the topic was all about Visual Communication: "Thinking Visually in Design in the Digital Age" This has got to be one of my favorite next to Fashion. :)




I was really inspired by his talk, because he gave a new light to sketchbooks and I personally always carry one around and I lately I feel as if I'm losing my creative side. This helped revive my spark for art. :)

The last and final one was the Fashion Design: "Local Touch, Global Reach-How to Translate Filipino Products for a Global Market" by Dr. Janet Emmanuel. 




The three slides pretty much sums up what Filipinos have to do in order to gain more in our Global market now.

When the mini-talks were over, we were all given certificates and goodie bags for completing the workshop...



BTW, Raffles Education Corporation is Asia-Pacific's largest private education group with over 38 colleges in 35 cities across 14 countries and it is opening the doors of its very first campus in the Philippines this July. So, they're very credible and they have a lot to offer in their courses. :)

It was a pleasure being in RDIM. I'm impressed with their facilities, amazed with their teachers and I gained so much knowledge in just 3 hours of being there. I'm sure  if you're an aspiring designer or artist, you would definitely love to be in RDIM. :)

Raffles Design Institute, Inc.
#18-01 Accralaw Tower, 2nd Avenue and 30th Street, Crescent Park West,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City 1634, Metro Manila, Philippines
T +63 2 846 2888 F +63 2 846 0999
E rdi-manila@raffles-design-institute.com

x A.F.A.

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  1. This school was actually one of my choices for college kaso it's so expensive. :p

  2. love the quote from coco chanel and your hot pink skirt, ava. <3

  3. this is so cool, been wanting to go back to school, maybe i'll check it out :)

  4. love this post! thanks for sharing!! :)

  5. I want to attend a seminar like this :) Love the freebies!

  6. Waah Ms. Nela gave us the same lecture at SOFA when I was a SOFAshionista for a day. As in same talaga. haha. :)

  7. I am DYING over this right now. I would have loved to attend this. It sounds really interesting! I wish that my city/school would host an event like this because I think that a ton of people would attend.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  8. Hello Ava! I really envy as you get to join one-of-a-kind experience like that and you sharing it to your readers makes us feel that we are also part of that experience! HAHA! I'm such a dork but yeah, Im jealous! ;)
    On the brighter side, I really love your skirt! More power always! :)

  9. OMG what a very interesting school! I am considering a second degree because of this. Looking cute twin! :)

  10. Ava! I was supposed to be invited there but had work :( man...the workshop seems so interesting and I was so excited for my first "blog event" *sigh*. Wish I could've met you guys! Love the pink skirt by the way!


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