SM Accessories: Part 2 loot!

by - July 02, 2011

Went to Mall of Asia with the family last night to do some accessories shopping and for the three of us, we got a pretty sweet deal because they had a sale and some items were 10% off!:)



Gersh needed a new belt and wallet for his savings, so we got him these leather goodies. I believe he got them both on sale. Score!:)


It's only a year till Athan goes to school, so I thought it was best to get him a backpack and a few towels. Even if they weren't toys, Athan still loved them, because he can see his favorite characters from the Disney Pixar movie, CARS! Visit the character shop at SM Department store to see more!:)


For myself, I got this really cute beige tassel belt and cream bib necklace. The last time I got accessories from SM, I went for dark colors, so I decided to focus on light ones this time. Love them!:)

Thank you for these, SM!

I grew up loving SM and I believe most Filipino families too. That's why I'm glad they have a lot more to offer now. You'd definitely want to come back. :)

So, why not visit SM over the weekend? I heard SM Megamall has a sale going...

Have a great weekend!:)

x A.F.A.

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  1. ako ang naeexcite for Athan for next school year! =P namimiss ko na pumasok. hihihi. nice loot, something for the whole fam! =)

  2. love the loot ava!! :) if si Athan naman cars, si Sofi naman puros princess, hehe :)

  3. I love your cream bib necklace, Ava :) See you later! ♥

  4. wow!! i love the belt! :) its so unique! i might as well visit sm tomorrow! yay for sale!

  5. the tassel belt and bib necklace are LOVE! :)

  6. Ang cute naman ni Athan! Super appreciative! :-)

  7. sm really does have it all and love your bib necklace. :)

  8. don't you just love the new "supot" of sm??? feels imported! :))

  9. waaah! sale pala sa megamall ngaun? oh no...:)

    love the belt. :)

  10. gusto ko din mg shop hehe
    Check Out my Giveaway Ladies :)

  11. OMG Sale! I love sales! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  12. awww cars fave ni athan? kyot! wanna see him carry that backpack na :))

  13. Love what you got from SM,especially the belt.=D

  14. love sm sale! wasn't able to resist it too.. :-)


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