Neon Loving!

by - September 13, 2011

Last September 7, I attended Mango F/W'11 fashion show and like I mentioned in my entry about it, I had a moment with Ms. Daryl Chang and I actually thought all this time that the photo she took of me would be for her blog, but so shocked when my online friend, Cat Trivino said she saw me in the newspaper the other day. Naturally, I asked her a lot of questions haha! Big thanks and Sorry, Cat!=P Eventually I found out that Ms. Daryl Chang writes articles for Philippine Star and one of them was the Mango event, where she did her "STEALTH & STALK" feature!^_^

I am one giddy kid about this!:) My first newspaper feature all thanks to Daryl Chang!:) Oh and my blogger friends, Ana, Inna, Melai, Thyz and Paul are in it too!;)

Thanks to everyone who replied to my crazy tweets and BBM's regarding the newspaper too! Excited?? haha! Glad I still got a hold of a copy even if the article was still last Saturday. :)

Really feel grateful for all the blessings coming my way. Thank you, Lord!♥ 

x A.F.A.

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  1. You're a published blogger now Ava! Congrats! Deserving! Great outfit :)

  2. It's so cute how you still feel giddy every time you're featured given that you've been featured countless of times already in different media. :) Congrats on this very first newspaper feature! And it's a major plus that it's by the Daryl Chang!
    Mars of fashion insouciance

  3. congrats on the feature! :) someday, ma-ffeature din ako. haha! congrats again :D

  4. congrats on the feature! :D neons are really eyecatching! ♥

  5. OMG! :D You deserve it, Ava! :D More features to come-- to one of the nicest bloggers I met! :D


  6. Yay! congrats Ava!!!! it pays off to stay true to your style..:)

  7. Congratulations on the feature!!! <3 More blessings to come!! :))


  8. Congrats, Ava!!!!! <3333 I know the feeling! was featured by Daryl Chang last year too! My mom even kept a copy and showed it to our clan! nakakahiya!!!!!! hahaha! And just like you, I knew it from other people lang! :))) So surreal!!! Congrats!!! :) Ramdam ko happiness, more like gratefulness, no? mo :)))

  9. yey! so nice Ava! you and Camille are both wearing Bubbles. Soo happy for you and for Bubbles :)

  10. Heeeee. I'm just so kilig to be part of your blog! x Hahaha! Yea, it's no problem! :)) Online friends rule! Yea! Haha!

    Very welcome~ ♥

  11. looking purdddy, ava nicole ^^ and i love the colors!



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