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by - October 03, 2011

Someone's going to HANG TEN'S event this Sunday and I can take a reader with me! Isn't that awesome??:) I'm pretty excited for this! Hang Ten has been around since I was a kid and I can't deny that they've been a staple wear and part of our childhood. But of course Hang Ten has revamped over the years and have you seen their new collection or clothes? Its nice!

Anyhoo, since I get to bring a reader the mechanics will be sweet and simple...


All you have to do is comment below with your answer along with your name, email and blog url. Also LIKE HANG TEN'S FB! Easy right?:) So, go! I can't wait to read your comments!:)

Will be picking the winner this Friday and will contact via email. Thank you!!

x A.F.A.

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  1. i remember loving hang ten so much in the 80's so cool, glad they're revamping. good luck with your search! :)

    "I'm giving away a giant shopper from Paisley Clothing. Visit my blog to join!"

  2. Name: Jessa Roque
    email: e_jes1105@yahoo.com
    Blog URL: http://jesroque.blogspot.com/

    Honestly, you should choose me because I need help in revamping my fashion style. Someone like you could definitely do that for me. I want to see you work on outfits and get tips on how to do those on mine too. Also, I need to have my picture taken with you. Remember my tweet saying that I saw you at the Blogapalooza event but was too shy to ask for a picture? Maybe this is the right time for that. Promise, I won't be shy. :)

  3. Hi Ava! :)

    You should choose me because I wanna learn how to be more fashionable cos right now I'm stuck with jeans and shirts. ;( I've always been one of the boys since I was a kid (read: 3 brothers..eeek) and now that I'm 20, I never got out of it! I really wanna be more fashionable and I believe you can help me. So I'm kindly asking for help :))

    It'll mean everything if you pick me! :) Thanks so much! :)

    ♥, Jenny

  4. Hi Ava,

    How are your school and your cute little boy. I always have a tab just for your blog. I follow those blogs I love. I just don't have the time as of now to comment everyday. Need to do my errand/chores with the kids. Well about your hand ten event. We if I will be choosen this would be great exposure for me on my first blogging. I know I'm still need to be used of getting into blogging. I have so many drafts on my blog but never yet finished. Well gunun talaga once your just starting yata. Always take care of yourself and most especially your little boy. Love watching your mini video's making laugh and smile.

  5. Name: Jana A. Lopez
    Email: janastyles.forever@gmail.com
    Blog URL: http://janastyles.blogspot.com

    What better way to re-live my love for Hang Ten then with one of my favorite bloggers? I've worn Hang Ten for a long time, but I had to give them away due to waist growth:P. Mostly though, being a "baby-blogger" I only look up to you and the other bloggers as inspiration for my outfits, specially now that I'm able to wear more than what I used to. Aside from that, I really want to meet you! I haven't been in the blogsphere for a really long time and it's been so much fun meeting new people online. But the chance to actually style a mannequin, learn some tips and tricks from one of the bloggers that give me inspiration everyday is a awesome and great opportunity.

    Thank you for giving us this chance to be with you and experience an actual event!

  6. Hi Ava! I just wanted to congratulate you for winning my H&M Leather Bands Giveaway :) I sent you an e-mail and I hope you could reply soon! :) Congratulations again!

    Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen - The New BODY by BURBERRY Giveaway!

  7. Hi Ava!

    You got it right. Hang ten has been a staple clothing long before when it started in direct selling catalogues and now all over the metro.

    I want you to choose me because I want to get to know you since I only saw you at the 1st Bloggers United Event and I want to know you well and get some fashion tips from you. Also I want to enjoy the first week of my semestral break by doing thing i really Love which is FASHION. :) Hope I can bond with you soon Ate Ava. More Power God Bless

    Margaret Christine D. Gomez

  8. aww i wanna join :) but i cant make it on sunday :)

    wild and fierce

    don't miss my smexy giveaway! it's my first time :)

    model's own lipstick giveaway :)


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