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by - October 21, 2011

For me, if there's one thing that girls cannot get enough of these days with the malls having a lot of them in the women's section and new styles coming out every now and then, not to mention quick access to numerous online shops on the internet; it's SHOES. If you're in love with shoes then I bet you believe in the saying, "A girl can never have too many shoes." ;) Am I right or am I right??:))

Imagine how giddy and overwhelmed I was when I got saw these beautiful pairs of shoes in the mail. It definitely feels like Christmas!!^_^ Yey new shoes!...


I know you've seen me wear the denim wedges several times on my outfit posts already but I never got to blog about just the shoes, so here it is!:) I got these two from the very fasyon blogger and fellow momma, Denise Lozada of Shoe Etiquette. :) I remember how sad I was when my first ever wedges from Parisian broke and from then on I never had the chance to find the perfect pair. But now I have two and they are super duper comfy! I could wear them all day, promise!:) BTW, watch out for her new collection!

The next two pairs of shoes is from Asian Vogue. I'm sure you girls are already familiar with the name because a lot of people buy from this online store and bloggers such as Tin Iglesias, Lloyda Tan, Jessa Ang, Patricia Prieto, Aisa Ipac, Karl Leuterio and more are wearing shoes from Asian Vogue!:)

Miu Miu loafer-inspired heels. I think I can wear this to a lot of formal and fashion events. PFW? :)


I have been wanting a pair of Prada-inspired brogues since forever and what makes this pair a whole lot better is that it has studs. How awesome is that?? L-O-V-E!


Asian Vogue, BTW is owned by Ms. Angela Del Rosario and she is very nice, patient and accommodating. No wonder she has a lot of clients. ;)

As much as I love wearing heels/wedges when I go out or attend events, I have to refrain from them when I go to school because one, I commute via LRT and second I stay in school for hours so I wear my trusty cute flats like these two...


Rope loafers from Paisley. :) Already blogged about Paisley but I wanted to make a separate one for the shoes. I wore this to a styling stint last time and I love how comfy it is. :)


Gold oxfords from Archive Clothing. :) I had a brown and white combination of this before but it looks really old now due to overuse. Thankfully I have a new one to abuse!=P

I am beyond happy with my new shoes. Already thinking of the many ways I can style them! Hee. :") Thank you so much to, Momma Denise, Ms. Angel, Paisley and Pax!!!

x A.F.A.

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  1. Those are really nice shoes!! :)

    Fashion Blogger

  2. Oh I love the Miu Miu inspired one! :D

  3. WOW! SHOES!!!! I love the Miu miu loafer-inspired heels the most! :D


  4. Wow Ava! :)
    I really like the Miu Miu-inspired shoes. It's a little bit different from what you already have. I would like to see you style it :)
    ANyway, I love the gold brogues also! Sooo cute. :)

  5. i totally agree. we can never have enough shoes! ;)

    gorgeous choices ava! ;)

  6. Yieeee, yknowwhaat, i really like all your flats!!

  7. SHOE PORN! :)) love.



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