Philippine Fashion Week: Spring Summer 2012

by - October 23, 2011

Philippine Fashion Week S/S'12 officially starts today and I cannot be more excited. This is my second time to attend PFW and was fortunate enough to get invites. I actually thought at first I wasn't going to get any. But I'm very thankful I did!:)

I'll be watching almost everyday but only one show per day, so if your there, hit me up!:) Would be nice to see friends and bloggers around!

What I stress and love most about PFW is planning my outfits, so this is it!!! The week has started! Like my good friend Pax said, "Philippine Fashion Week officially starts tomorrow. Ubusan na naman ng damit sa cabinet." True that!:)) See you there!!

Thank you to Ms. Tina Herrera, Connect Agency, Leung De Leon Marketing Services Inc., Ad and Promo, Twin Megann, and Angel for the invites!:)

x A.F.A.

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  1. I'll be at Michel Cinco's and Oxygen's. See you Ms. Ava <3


  2. aww, its that time of the year again. how i wish i live in manila...

  3. Wow you're watching everyday? How I wish I could do that too! para matodo na ang ubusan ng damit sa cabinet! :)

    Fashion Blogger

  4. will be there tomorrow, sat and mon :) see you there :)


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