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by - November 12, 2011

I miss doing personal posts. Not that I'm complaining about event entries, I love events! But I rarely have time to do posts about what I do on weekends with my family and other segments of mine like Art Diaries, so I kinda feel sad that I don't have much of it nowadays. But I'll really try to bring that back again. A balance of family, fashion and other things. :)

So today the family and I went to SM Mall of Asia to have some family bonding and of course to celebrate our (Gersh and me) 53rd month as a couple. We're getting old!:))

Today was also the day that MoA officially opened and lit their huge Christmas tree. Pretty, right? They do this every holiday season but I like this year better because they have more to offer like the Christmas ball. I think you can even go inside and experience snow!:)


We had dinner at Sbarro. Its kind of a tradition for us to eat here because before every anniversary we would go to Sbarro and celebrate there. It changed last year, so it was good to go back to it this month. :) 


Athan's pretty obsessed with dinosaurs now so we got him this cool egg that had a 4D dinosaur puzzle in it. It took me awhile to build it so I let his Daddy finish the rest and voila! It doesn't look like a puzzle, right?:D And since I'm such a kid like Athan, I also got myself this cute Re-Ment Disney charm. Hee. :")

After dinner I begged Gersh if we could go to SM Department store to check out Rajo's shoe collection for Parisian because today(such a special day today is haha!) was also public release and I've been dying to see the Kylie G Wedge in person and lo and behold, it has a display almost near the entrance and I knew I just had to go there and see it. When I did I ended up being heart broken. I tried it and it was in my size and this really nice girl who saw my twinkling eyes while walking in them Kylie G's even gave me a 20% off coupon to any Parisian shoes. I was like, "OMG...I am more hurt.." Because I knew I couldn't afford a pair right now and I shouldn't force myself either. I let go of it slowly and while we were heading out of the store, I kept telling Gersh how it hurts to let go of a limited pair of shoes. 200 only to be exact and before I could even say the next few "words of a broken heart" Gersh goes back to the mall and says, "This is your advance Christmas gift already!" and naturally I got shocked that he was going to buy me a pair and to make the story short...

My new baby, Kylie G Wedge closed!!:) My first purple shoes too! I am already thinking of the many outfit posts I can do with these shoes. Hihi. ^_^ The photo of the shoes kinda suck. Doesn't do it justice! Must take a better picture in daylight tomorrow! Thank you so much to the best boyfriend in the world! I am one happy girl! Love you!

So that's pretty much my Saturday. Hope you had an awesome one too!:)

x A.F.A.

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  1. SYET!!!! I'm inggit!!!!! Gusto ko din nyan shoooooooeeeesss!!!

  2. Aw :""""> Super kilig ms. Ava! I wish my boyfie in the future would be like that, understanding my guilty pleasures =)))) Happy anniversary! Stay inlove <3


  3. Ang gandaaaaa!!! I want it in red. But can't buy shoes muna...booo.

    and I loooove your family bonding posts! Happy 53rd to you and Gersh!!! :)

  4. aaaw. super nice ava. happy anniversary to the two of you :) stay happy!

  5. so sweet of your loves to buy you an early christmas gift! lucky you for having him, and for the limited shoes you got. hihi :)

  6. aaww, you guys are so cute! Happy monthsary! :) hee! I love love the shoes! I wanna get one.

    xx, Channie

  7. The first thing I noticed when you page was loading was the layout. I love your layout. It may seem that I tend to compliment your layout every time I visit, but it's just cute!

    Anyway, I am glad for both of you and Gersh to be celebrating your 53rd months together! I know of very few couples who have been able to stand strong, so I am really happy for the both of you. What he did was really sweet, so just imagine me smiling while I read your post.

    And wow, Athan seems to have grown into a big boy now! But he still is adorable! Anyway, I love your shoes! I'm just stoked to see you wearing those!

  8. gandaaa! im lusting over the red pair! :)

  9. Got heart-broken when I saw these Kylie wedges. </////3 Buuut I'm so happy for you, Ava! Yay you got that pair! ♥ Gersh is just so sweet!


  10. .....I got them in purple, too!!! And they're my first purple pair, too!!! HIGH FIVE!!! Haha. Here's to seeing each other at future events wearing the same shoes! :p


  11. So sweeeet! So happy for you, Achi <3 and yay for the nice shooooes! Super pretty talaga!

  12. Happy 53rd to you and your love!!!! <3<3<3

    And wow, I love your new shoess!! :)

  13. I WANNA GET A PAIR FOR MY SELF TOO! so prettyyy!!! :)

  14. That was such a sweet gesture! and the shoes look gorge!!

  15. Happy 53rd Anniversary to you two!!! <333 Can't wait to see you wearing those shoes, Ava!! =)

  16. waaaahhhhhhh so JEALOUS! <3 advance talaga ha? and no more christmas gift on the 25th?hehehe. i'm sure meron pa rin...hihi.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  17. Awww! That is so kilig! :") Love the shoes! :D

  18. oohhlala! My friend and I were invited to the Rajo for Parisian launch but didn't get to go. I should definitely check it out!

  19. OMG I love those shoes! im super going to get myself a rajo pair!


  20. Can't wait to see you rock your new shoes ;)

  21. Aaawww girls and shoe love! But before that, happy 53rd to you guys!!! It's so nice to do traditions isn't it? Still good to try stuff for a change but there's always a homey feeling to going back to what you used to do :D Athan's Dinosour puzzle doesn't look like a puzzle at all! I can almost imagine how difficult it was to build it up :D. I have a thing for toy stores din Ava, I don't always end up with something when I leave but I'm always amazed at how all the toys are so much better than when I was a kid! hahah :D

    Back to the shoes! I had a similar experience with a pair of nudes from Payless. I couldn't afford them and I was really heart broken, but my fiance did the same thing Gresh did :D I was waaaaayy to happy and oh so thankful :D It's sweet when they consider how much we like something and decide to end our misery :D The shoes are gorgeous, I'm so going to pass by SM before I go home tonight to checkout the collection :D

  22. @JANA I love the "end our misery" line, Jana!:)) haha so true!! I felt so bad and poof! He instantly became my fairy God shoe fairy :)) Guys who are like ours are truly love! About the toys, super true! Even if I'm 22 already, I still want all the girl toys now because they look so much better!!:) thank you for the comment, jana!


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