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by - November 08, 2011

Got invited to the Bloggers Camp and launch of the first ever branch of a new accessories store called, LOVE DIVA today at Alabang Town Center. But this time the event wasn't just for us old bloggers. It was mainly for our Diva Sisters/ newbie bloggers that want to learn more about blogging, experience events and of course so that we can bond as well!:)

I love it when stores take the time to make a signage (such as the one above). It really makes me feel that bloggers are special. :) Just so you know, this wasn't like boot camp. It was excessorize camp!:)


Look at the little cutie pie that I saw when I came in the store; Angel's baby girl, Syrena! I love her! I didn't wanna give her back to Angel!:))


Spotted: Ms. J's cute jelly bow wedges!
I bet Katy Perry went into your mind ;)


Hearts, stars, pink bags, cookies and cupcakes...Oh my!:)

Before I proceed with the activities we did, I'd like to give you a little tour of the store and a few of the accessories that LOVE DIVA has in store for all their lovely clients...


BTW, this is just the right side. You have got to see the left! I could so overwhelmed with the all the beautiful accessories when I came in. First thought was, "Do I go left or right??" *panics* Oh and whether its purple, white, red, blue or pink you're looking for, they have it for you and they're even arranged by color. ;)

Dangling earrings anyone?:)


For the Boho-Hippie lover in you! I think this area or style is my favorite because I had such a difficult time letting go of all the peace bracelets, feathers and turquoise color I see. :)) Got too attached!

LOVE DIVA accessories caters for teens but I also think that moms who have little girls would surely enjoy shopping at LOVE DIVA because of the quirky and hypoallergenic accessories they have like their earrings...


*side note: This November- As an ambassador of the Pink Heart Promise, love diva Philippines will hold a free ear piercing event in-store in partnership with leading health service provider, Healthway.  
Call me kiddy, but I SO wanted these charms!!^_^


 Just an example of Angel and her daughter Syrena...Look who's already shopping, mommy!


Mommy Sarah also brought her cute daughter, Nikola! This made me wish more that I brought Athan with me! Awww!

That's it for my accessories tour! If you want to see more you'd have to visit the store and I'm sure you won't regret it. ;) For now, I'm moving on with the activities we need for the day. First we introduced ourselves along with our blog sisters, then there was a bring-me game, which luckily my little sister, Allyzon won! Go team!:) Then after we had a blogging workshop conducted by these lovely ladies...


Kookie talked about blogging. Like how she got started, what she blogs about and what she thinks of blogging and more. She's really an inspiration. I love what she said about blogging what you're passionate about. One of my favorite bloggers!

Melai gave a short talk on the opportunities of blogging and I definitely think she's one of the best persons to ask about that due to her numerous experiences. :)

Tracy and Tin gave the final talk about the different kinds of styling. Just a little tip from Tracy, "It's okay to repeat clothes especially if you love it." So true! They also gave a little tip on how to handle haters. :)


And this is all of us listening attentively. Yey!

When the talk was over we had a final game, which was for our little sisters to style us! I found this really fun because we get to be their mannequin and they'll be fixing us up according to THEIR style...


Meet my sisters: Pauline and Allyzon. They were trying to brainstorm which accessories would go best with my plain grey and pink ensemble. Should they go for subtle or bold/loud accessories?:)


Here's how the other readers styled their bloggers: Cheyser, Sarah, Kookie, Me, Pax, Melai, Ana, Vern, Alyssa, Keigh (at the back :( ) and Tin


And here's a close up of mine! Great job, sisters! They layered and worked their colors well! I love it!


Since the styling was a game, LOVE DIVA had to pick a winner and they picked the team of Ana, Frances, Bei and Bea. Congratulations, girls!! Ana looks Boho-chic!^_^

When the game was over, we were all given a surprise by LOVE DIVA. They gave us a pink certificate and along with that was a note that we can shop for Php 1k worth of accessories. We got first dibs!:)


I told you my favorite was the Boho-Hippie area. ;) Can't get enough. Love, love, love!

I thought after the launching at the store that the event would end like what I'm used to at most events but little did I know that LOVE DIVA also had CYMA prepare a buffet for us!


The food was super good that Beb Ana and I just had to go for a second round. Thank you, Cyma!

Final pictures before parting...


With my readers and little sisters: Czarina (she's paxie's sister.. pahiram!=P), Allyzon and Pauline. I just wanna say that I really had fun with you, girls. You were all so nice, sweet, pretty and all in all awesome. If the event could last for hours I wouldn't mind spending it with you. Fun times! Thank you for making this event memorable! You girls made Monday amazing for me. BIG HUG! 


The loot bags. :)

With the awesome blog friends!!:)
Ang kulit lang namin :))

With Francesca and Tin :)
My outfit sister, Pax!


Oh and TRIO picture with a new addition to the group, Syrena!

Thank you so much to the people from LOVE DIVA accessories and Bloggers United for inviting me. I was in the company of great blog friends, little sisters, beautiful accessories and good food. Best way to spend a Monday!:)

LOVE DIVA Accessories officially opens TODAY (NOVEMBER 8) at the Upper Ground Floor, Expansion Building, Alabang Town Center. So do visit them!


x A.F.A.

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  1. AWW! you're the first one to officially blog about the event! :) This was only my second event and I already feel the love from all of you. :) T'was a very fun and memorable happening. *and na-overwhelm ako sa freebies* Thanks to love DIVA! I hope they launch a new store near our area! :)

  2. @hi tin!!:) haha yup. I'm not usually an "early bird" blogger but I was in the mood and had a really great time at this event, so while its still fresh might as well type!:) It was nice meeting you!!

  3. what an attraction the place must have been.

  4. Awesome! Should visit love DIVA soon! Hehe. :) Blogging sure does have it's perks! Everyday is a chance to meet new people and experience new things (first hand, even)! More power to your blog, Ava! Great post.


  5. hi ava! this is a really great event :) nice seeing you with other lovely bloggers! if i was 20 below, i couldve joined this contest. sadly im old :)


  6. Oh if only i ddnt have baby duties yesterday i wouldve gone to atc too..styling and blogging tips from you guys were sooow near but i missed them :( ANYWAY :) i love what youre wearing <3

  7. Ava! Ang bilis mo magpost! Hahaha! I'm excited to draft my DIVA post na din! And awww, I'm touched naman na you got something out of my talk. Feeling ko kasi, nonsense na mga pinagsasabi ko! Haha! Had a nice time with you girls. Super na-miss ko kayo and it was fun to be able to chat with you guys again.

  8. Hi Ava, looks like the event was such a blast! Loving all the accessories from love DIVA, glad their here, I only saw them at the Changgi Airport at one point and just thought their collections were beautiful and stunning! And the boho necklace is lovely girl! Great choice! - Mar
    -Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen-
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    Eight Weeks Of Christmas – Win an inspired arty ring!

  9. this was such a fun event! sayang i didnt go to the dinner na, dennis was shy :P

    join my Birthday Giveaway Series!!!
    WIN a Maxi Skirt or
    an Asian Vogue GC!


  10. Thanks for blogging about Diva Ava, really excited to see and experience the Diva event through your blog :D The accessories you've posted were all nice.

    Parang gusto ko ng pumunta ng Diva shop haha! <3

  11. Wow! What a fun event! :D
    May bagong accessories haunt na ako! :D

  12. Wow! With those smiles I can really see from the pics that you were all having a great time. ^___^

    By the way, do they have other branches?


  13. I can tell that you guys had so much fun with just merely looking at the photos!!! ☺ And I love everything you said about Love Diva. Definitely checking this out! ♥♥ See you again, Ava!!


  14. hope they open a branch here soon!

  15. Wow! Ang bilis. Haha :p

    The event was super duper awesome! I'm so glad I decided to join. Haha. Oh, and thanks for being so warm with us before, during and after the event! I was still actually shy to speak out at the time but thanks, really :)

  16. What a great event! :) lovin' the accessories!


  17. really LOVE your blog post Ms. Ava!!!
    I had fun talking to you!! At first,, (nahiya tlaga ko since I'm honestly not so good in approaching other people ).. Sori, if I asked you alot. Hahahaha...in the end, I learned.

    czarina :)
    paint it stripes

  18. Diva is my favorite place to shop for cute and hard to find accessories whenever I'm in abroad :)) its so awesome to know we have one here now! :)


  19. Too bad this is just too far for me to check out! Hope they'll have another branch nearer soon :)


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