Bloggers United 2: Spotting and highlights

by - December 22, 2011

I know I've blogged about Bloggers United part two already twice but I still have this and a last entry. But I bet a lot of bloggers would agree with me that the event was just so memorable to only have one entry for it. ;) For this entry, i'll be showing some of the cute things I spotted during the bazaar and a few highlights as well. :)

I took pictures of the different signs or tarps that I saw that day and of course one of them has to be mine. =P Shameless plug!

My boothmate- Gela Abores of A Boat ride through the sky
Bjorn Bedayo and Vern Enciso's booth :)
Sounds very cool and official!^_^

Next up is the cute bags of Momma Sarah Tirona of Fashion Eggplant and Ally Duazo of Gold Dot...

Sarah's Accessorize bag with a fox tail from Gelo Arucan :)
Sarah's selling these!
Candy bags!! Had my eye on the pink one.

The awesome and very creative Aivan Magno with his cool colorful-studded jacket and chair that he designed himself! One word, BONGGA!^_^


My favorite of all.....ACCESSORIES!!!

The quirky-artsy- Reese Lansangan's necklace. :)
Her booth! Love the "higad" bracelets. :)
Mike's OS accessories. Super cool. ^_^
Aie's booth! Love the rope necklace! (spot aie!)
Wasn't able to get the name of the girl who wore this but thank you for letting me take a photo! Cool necklace :)

The only pair of shoes I managed to take a picture of that day because Belle came by our booth. You should check out her blog. I love her collection of Litas!


And speaking of highlights, this was the sweetest thing ever...


We were playing a "bring me" game and Gelo Arucan announced that he needed someone to bring him a question mark. Naturally, all of us were puzzled but still looked until his sister went up the stage holding one and surprised Bjorn Bedayo by asking him to be her Prom date. BTW, he said, YES! Awwww!! I wonder if any guy out there will use the same action as their marriage proposal? I'm sure winner yun!!;)

That's all!:) I'll be working on my last entry for Bloggers United two later. For now, I can't wait for Bloggers United part 3 and of course Christmas. ;)

x A.F.A.

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  1. Awwww these are lovely stuff!!! ♥♥ Cute nung accessories! And of course, I love Belle's collection of Litas too!

  2. what a cute idea to ask someone out for prom! are you from the u.s? i only see so much effort put into asking ppl out on prom from americans!

  3. babe, sorry i didn't get to go to your spot kasi we were busy manning ours din. but at least we met na. miss you already! xx



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