Christmas with The Zabat's!

by - December 25, 2011

Like I mentioned in my previous entry, my side of the family celebrates Christmas and New Year every December 31st, so during the 25th, we head over to Gersh's side of the family to have a simple celebration, so that Athan can also bond with his Wowo, Wowa and Nanay Lucing. Next year hoping that Gersh's sisters and cousin Dallas come home so we could also bond with them!:)


Athan received a lot of gifts today and boy is he a happy boy. :) He's actually asleep already. Must be tired from all the fun he had today with his Tita Hailey and new toys. ^_^


The impatient person in me already gave my gift to Gersh, so he only had three gifts to open today. =P But look at him... "MISO HAPPY!" haha!:)) Familiar shirt??


Annnnd this is me opening my last but very special gift from Gersh. See how even Athan wants to get it from me??:)) Thank you, Bie!!! I know some of you already know what gift he got me but i'll make a separate entry for the Christmas gifts 2011 because I wanna wait for the 31st. :)

After opening all our gifts, this is what we got busy with...


Little known fact about me: I always wanted to be an Archaeologist or anything to do with excavating/digging. I memorized the history of Egypt and Ancient times before. Sadly, that didn't workout for me (especially here in the Philippines) That's why I went for another thing. So when Gersh got this for Athan, you can say I was more excited!:)) Don't be fooled by how small it is. It was really hard work getting these little dinosaurs out! Sweat, baby!=P

Anyhoo, had a really good Christmas. It was spent in a simple way but I'm glad it was with my family. Plus, I got two things on my Christmas wish list!! That's so awesome!^_^

Merry Christmas again to everyone! Hope you all had a nice one as well. :)

x A.F.A.

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  1. Cute family! ^_^

    Happy Holidays Ms. Ava!

  2. Athan is so cute! He really looks oh so happy with the gifts!

    Stay fab and pretty!



  3. sana next time i get to hug athan na. hehe merry christmas to you and your family, ava! ^^


  4. that would be so fun digging up the dinosaurs! haha and I was thinking, why not just chuck the thing on the ground so it breaks faster. but that just kills the fun :)

  5. You guys look so cute Ava! Happy Holidays :)

  6. Athan's a happy bean!!! ♥♥ I've always loved the spirit of gift-giving every Christmas! Yay to this lovely family!


  7. BOY! athan got a lot of presents!! Merry christmas to you ava and to your family as well! :)

  8. Aww how educational and interactive! :) Athan is so cute!


  9. Ava, let's go to Egypt! my must visit place!!!!

  10. Merry Christmas Ava :) I love dinosaurs and it's a fun fact that you wanted to be an archeologist. That would've been fun.

  11. Hi Ava! :) my boyfriend dreamed of becoming an archeologist/paleontologist, too! so when I saw this post on Christmas presents, I thought this would be a fun surprise gift to give him (even if he's already a grown-up!). So I really wanna ask where you bought this little treasure. Thank you in advance. :)

    Happy New Year :)



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