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When I started online shopping back in 2008 or 2009, I stumbled upon a shop called, NIKITA that sells one-of-a-kind  accessories featuring crochet as the major design element. I am self confessed handmade addict, so whenever I see cute ones, I can't help but get mesmerized and when I saw the ones from NIKITA, I definitely bought her accessories in a heart beat!:)

Crocheted Scallop Necklaces

Troika Bracelet Sets

NIKITA is the brainchild of Nike Nadal and I consider her a really talented crafter.  Like I said, I started buying from her shop way back in 2008 and 2009. So, she was already one of my favorite online seller. Sometime that year, she also stopped making crochet stuff for her shop and I must say, I felt sad because I always looked forward to her new items. Fast forward to 2011, I saw that she was back again and I just had to message her. Surprisingly, she still remembers me and we got to chat and I am beyond happy that her shop is finally back again and it has gotten way more awesome!^_^

Audrey Bow Bracelets
Mismatched Earrings, Bag Charms and Dream Catcher Earrings

What you can expect from NIKITA is absolutely pretty, dainty and cute designs that are all made with love by Nike. You will also find that she is a really friendly seller so it won't be hard to purchase from her shop. I assure you with the great quality as well. ;)

Li'l Nikita: Happy Cuppy Friends
Hair Accessories

And if you have daughters or baby girls that you wanna dress up a lot, NIKITA also caters cute accessories for your little NIKITA. 

Bejeweled BFF Bracelets
Bedazzled BFF Bracelets

Do you have a best friend or even girl friend that you wanna give a bracelet to as a symbol of your relationship?:) I find that these friendship bracelets will be perfect!

Of course I won't let this post pass without showing you my own 2011 NIKITA loot...

I also have an old NIKITA brooch from my purchase before but too bad I wasn't able to take a photo. I'll try on my next OTD!:)

BTW, this is not a sponsored post. I have been a huge fan of NIKITA ever since and think that Nike Nadal is a really nice seller turned friend, so I am blogging this out of love.   :)

Hope you like this segment of SHOPS TO LOVE (click on my right sidebar to see more)! Till my next this coming 2012! Cheers!

x A.F.A.

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  1. Awww cute stuff!!! ♥ Those crocheted accessories deserves to be in the trend! Hahaha!


  2. those are cute stuffs !
    Interesting blog, I really enjoyed browsing it :) HAPPY NEW YEAR !

    XX JUNO ♥
    check out my blog and follow if you like:
    Visit RECESSIONISTA.Thru A Lens
    THANK YOU :))

  3. the colors are definitely perfect for spring/summer! who says crocheted accessories are just for fall/winter? ^_^



  4. So cuuuuute! Esp the bow-themed ones :)

  5. Cutessy! I love their bracelets!



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