SHOPS TO LOVE: Les Roux + Pretty Me!

by - December 12, 2011

For those of you who love dainty clothes and accessories, I'm sure you're going to love this segment of SHOPS TO LOVE because I'm going to talk about something new I discovered online and you would definitely like the owner as well because she is just so nice. :)

The two stores I'm talking about is none other than, Les Roux \'la-roo\  and Pretty Me. They're both the brainchild of Ally and I fortunately got the chance of interviewing her about them!:)

First up is her accessory line,  Les Roux!
Where did the name Les Roux come from and what's your inspiration for the items you sell? 
ALLY: Les Roux is actually a place in France, it is where cute white dainty vintage cottages are found, it's a kinda like one of their pronvinces. I envisioned my brand to be similar - dainty, girly , sweet and unique. If you have seen our items, it's really one of a kind and we have very dainty items from all over the globe. We source it out mainly in our travels.

Aside from the everyday rings, bracelets and necklaces, what does Les Roux offer?
ALLY: I Also have a new product it's "real" feather extensions. I call it "real" because the common ones here are the clip ons, long strand of small feathers right? Mine naman is a real extension, attached to the hair that can last for more than a month! You can wash, blowdry, flat iron, curl iron it like real hair! But of course these are not real hair using hair tools still has limitations and just use low setting to keep the original beauty of the feather.

Side note: I find these feather extensions super cool!^_^ I wish my hair was long enough for them. Makes me regret having short hair right now. :| hehe! Les Roux also has quirky iPhone 4 Shells if you're interested in giving your phone a new case...
Where can people find Les Roux?
ALLY: Les Roux is available CHOCOLATE SCHU Bar Rockwell Power Plant Mall - 2nd Floor, SCHU Ayala Trinoma - 3rd Floor, BACKSTAGE STORE, The Fort Serenda - 2nd Floor *And you can find them at Bazaars* :)

You can also find Les Roux on Facebook and Multiply!

Now off to some pretty clothes. ;)
What is PRETTY ME and What makes you different from other online clothing stores?
ALLY: We create dainty one-of-a kind pieces & only offer designs that are very much wearable season after season. Every piece is handcrafted with great love, utmost care & constant attention.

Where can we find PRETTY ME?
ALLY: Available at:Backstage (2F Serendra The Fort) and We are in the process of looking into the possibility of opening a store in one of our local malls. *Cross fingers*

You can also find the online via Facebook and Multiply!

I have a weakness for dainty stuff, so I really fell hardcore for these beautiful clothes. If you happen to read one of my OTD last November, I got the chance to own one Pretty Me crop top and I love it to bits but I'm wishing I could actually catch Pretty Me in Bazaars, so I could have more dainty clothes! I won't let them slip my fingers or better yet, wallet. ;)

For now, I'd like to thank Ally for the opportunity of getting to know her and her stores. :) But wait, there's more! Did you think I'd just make you drool over her stuff for nothing?? Watch out this month because i'll be having an accessory giveaway and Les Roux has given some cute accessories for one lucky winner, so stay tuned for that!;)

Don't forget to visit Les Roux and Pretty Me. Good Morning!!!

x A.F.A.

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  1. Oh really dainty stuff!! ♥♥ I've seen Les Roux at Schu last week. :"> Nice post, Ava!! Good morning!



  2. love le roux! super excited for the giveaway! :)

    join my 2k GC penshoppe giveaway
    and my gifts ahoy giveaway!
    win a satchel + chralotte russe & forever21 goodies!

  3. They really have chic and pretty accessories :)



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