A Trio Treat at Swensen's! [CLOSED]

by - December 24, 2011

I'm not sure if I stressed enough about my blog friends here on my blog but aside from that, I also have another group called, "TRIO" which consists of Me, Keigh Jalbuena of Delishoes Servings and Angel Rodriguez of Wonder Woman Rises Again. They are the best girl friends a girl could ever ask for. I met Keigh way back in high school, so we've been friends for years now, while I met Angel during the Mango Fashion Show months ago and you know what? The three of us just clicked immediately. :)

We haven't bonded with each other for awhile now, so with that, Angel was kind enough to create a "TRIO" giveaway and each of us can bring TWO READERS/BLOGGERS with us and have a Swensen's ice cream treat!:) Great huh? If you don't know about Swensen's, you can read more about it at Angel's blog!:)

Before I proceed with the mechanics, just wanna remind you that this will happen on JANUARY 7, 2012. So please, please, please be 101% sure that you can make it. Thank you!:)

Must be a follower of ARTSY FARTSY AVA via Google Connect Friend
ANSWER: Why you wanna try Swensen's with the TRIO?:)
Leave your Name and Email below

Winners will be announced on January 4, 2012 so you have time to prepare if you're available or not.  

Can't wait for our Swensen's date!^_^

x A.F.A.

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  1. Marie Danicia B. Castro

    I want to try Swensen's ice cream with the trio because I want to hear how you started blogging, your own businesses, how you've become active in the blogosphere and your tips and advices in life, fashion, and career.

  2. Jade B. Bufete

    I wanted to start the year right with a bang! over Swensen's ice cream that seemed to be delicious and be inspired with the trio's life's stories and blog adventure!:)

  3. Iya



    Hi Ava! I would seriously love to win because bonding with such a fashionable trio will be totally AMAZE! Food + Fashion = UBE! ( Ultimate Bonding Experience )

    Winning this will be the best start off 2012 and yes, this girl loves to eat! Especially ICE CREAM! Ice Cream is definitely one of the ultimate food for girl bonding! ^_^

  4. France Navarro

    I want to try Swensen's ice cream because ice cream is one of my comfort foods! Swensen's looks absolutely delicious! :) I want to meet new friends as well. I also have a blog: http://beauty-venture.tumblr.com

  5. Why you wanna try Swensen's with the TRIO?:)
    -I love blogging as much as I love blogging. It'll be a great opportunity to meet you, the TRIO and be inspired with your blogging stories. Since,I'm a newbie in the blog sphere,it'll be a great help indeed,as we continue to inspire more live thru the fashion.

  6. Why you wanna try Swensen's with the TRIO?:)

    I want to try Swensen's with the TRIO because I'd like to get to know them personally, get some tips and advises, have some laughs, bond and all! Plus it's my birthday on January 7 and I super love ice creams! This will be a very memorable treat! :D

    Sammy Samson

  7. Super curious with Swensen's! Haven't tried it! Also, I am more of an ice cream person than a cake person! Of course, exciting din to chika over desserts with the TRIO! :)

    Ana Gonzales


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