Meet and Greet: Katy Perry-Part 2!

by - January 23, 2012

As promised, here's the second and last part of our Katy Perry meet-and-greet experience. :)


We definitely got up close with Katy Perry but minus the "Purrsonal" because like I said in my part one post, only the people who had perfumes could go up, have her autograph and talk to her. But I also mentioned that, it didn't matter because just being super close to her and seeing our friends, Paul and Bestie on stage was already enough for us. :)

While we were waiting for Katy Perry to arrive (which wasn't until 4:30 PM), I decided to prowl and take photos of the guests there and other things around us.

It's Katy Beth Terry!!!
The beautiful blog friends!
Melai, Me and Ana :)
Spot Bestie!
Mother Divine Lee!
And Paul waiting in anticipation. ;)
The host for the event and lucky guy who got to be with Katy Perry on stage was none other than the bubbly, Tim Yap!

And the moment we've all been waiting for....
Ms. Katy Perry herself and with blue hair!:) She is so beautiful. Whatever she looks like on TV, she also looks the same way in person. :)

Now off to the meet-greet-and autograph signing! It's so cute how a lot of kids came to see her and not only that. Some were super fans that they even went up on stage in a California Girls themed hair!
Seeing them made me wanna sing: "California girls we're undeniable. Fine, fresh, fierce we got it unlock. Westcoast represent now put your hands up Oooooh Oh Oooooh!" The person with the purple hair and edgy jacket is a guy, BTW. =P

This was the funniest part. When Hayden Kho went up on stage, Katy Perry was wondering why everyone was cheering for him and even screaming. So, she asks......
KP: Is he a movie star??:) 
EVERYONE (in their heads): Yeap but a different kind of movie star. *insert evil laugh here* haha! 

I hope you get what I mean because I don't wanna have to emphasize here what kind of "STAR" he is! Lol!:))

After a few celebrities, it was finally Bestie and Paul's turn!:) I think we got more excited to see them on stage than Katy Perry. :)
We actually screamed, "WE LOVE YOU, BESTIE!!" here, so it also got Katy Perry wondering who Bestie is. She mentioned to her that we were fashion bloggers and KP said she does look like she's from the fashion scene. Awww compliment!!:)

While waiting for Paul's turn, Melai, Ana and I got interviewed by Ms. Rikka on what we thought about the perfume and Katy Perry being here... 
Photo from Beb Ana!
I don't have the Cat bottle itself but I actually have a small tube of the perfume, so I know what it smells like. It gives off a fresh and floral scent. :)

Finally, here's Paul's unforgettable KP experience. He even got to hug her, mind you!
We also screamed for Paul, so it's likely that Katy Perry gives another reaction. =P This deserves a caption.... KP: "Why are they cheering for you and not me???" hehe just kidding, Paul!
Paul's most prized possession that day. ;)

After being on Katy Perry high, Paul was sweet enough to treat us all to dinner at Pizza Hut. :) Thank you for the yummy food, Paul!!
photo from Beb Ana!
It was a really good day to meet a star, get star struck and most of all be with friends. :) Thank you, Prestige Brand Philippines for this wonderful experience!


x A.F.A.

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  1. WAAAAAH! This is one of the most fun event, ever!! Grabe!! Wish I was there and I love the photos and entries.

    Natawa ako sa moment ni Hayden Kho. Hahaha! XD

  2. wow!! ang saya!!! i hope i get a chance to meet her too!!!

    funny yung post mo bout hayden kho....

  3. Enjoyed reading this post, Ava! :) Kaaliw talaga your Katy Perry experience, very surreal! So proud of Bestie and Paul, too! ♥♥ Happy people!


  4. I'm so jealous. That looks so much fun. And If I received that compliment, I'd be melting and laughing my way all day. I'm sure you can't get over.


  5. jelly! :( wasn't able to watch her concert.

  6. It was definitely fun babe! Lalo na dahil kasama kayo guuuuys! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  7. FUN!!! what an awesome day! :)

  8. fun fun fun! one of the highlights of the year (kaagad!) haha! :D

  9. Laughtrip with Hayden Kho's part! Hahaha :))

  10. Super envious! Who could even pull off a blue hair?? OH Katy, I love you ;)


  11. awwwww you guys! i'm so jealous of this! me and vanessa were supposed to fly in for the concert but had to cancel the last minute. sucks lang! but you girls look as pretty as KP:)


  12. that's a funny story behind Hayden Kho... :)

  13. wow, looks like a lot of fun! makes me wish I was there too. but the Hayden Kho part was really funny.haha. really enjoyed reading this one ava :D


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