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by - January 25, 2012

When you go online shopping, don't you like browsing through stores that have a lot more to offer than just one product? I know one that will surely catch your fancy or maybe make you go, "WOW!" ;)

The Wow Shop is owned by Lady Queen Reyes and her store is a one stop shop destination for people who enjoy purchasing unique items. May they be bags, accessories, clothes, gadget cases and more! A tip for people who always have problems with birthday/Christmas presents, you can also visit the store for affordable gift ideas. If you love cute stuffs like me, then I bet you can't resist her store. :)
Satchel bags and Travel Wallets
Design your life 2012 Planner

Handmade gadget cases that make you wiggle!:)
What personally attracted me to her store were these cute gadget cases. I went crazy over the game boy case. Just brings you back to your childhood! I even had a purple one made because that's the color of my old game boy colored. :)

I bet you already have some things in mind that you like. But these are not the only things for sale. Go visit The Wow Shop to see more!:)

Another shop that I'd like to share with you guys is also owned by Lady Queen Reyes and this time along with her partner Kara Cathrina Kajiro and this shop is for all the fashionistas out there; HOUSE OF MANILA. :)

AFA: So what is the history of House of Manila (HOM) and what got you interested to put up a business?

HOM: House of Manila started as a simple obsession with fashion. Since the owners, Kara Cathrina P. Kajiro and Lady Queen A. Reyes are interested and very particular with fashion, they decided to turn their passion into a business. They’ve decided to name it ‘House of Manila’ because they believe that when Philippines is mentioned, Manila is the first one that will come to people’s minds. Furthermore the owners believe in Filipino talents and are proud to be Pinays!

AFA: What is HOM's lifestyle and what do you sell?

HOM: House of Manila (HOM) is an online store that sells fashionable clothes, bags and accessories specifically for fashionably chic women. We offer stylish and wearable products of high quality and comfort. ‘Classy, sophisticated and youthful with an edge’ - this is House of Manila’s products image. Our road to success is influenced by a combination of passion in fashion, business and pleasure. House of Manila's lifestyle is truly what a modern and high spirited woman is all about. 

AFA: What makes HOM different from other clothing brands?

HOM: the designs of the products we sell are conceptualized by the owners. We sell limited pcs per design so meaning its better kasi of course we don’t want naman na we will see people who have the same clothes/fashionista goodies as us hehe!

there you have it!:) Two shops that offer you nothing but the best and things that you don't usually see in just one store. :)

Of course, I didn't just write this entry to leave you window shopping. The Wow Shop was nice enough to give you guys a little giveaway and one lucky winner will be getting a Php 150 GC and you can use it for ANY item that you wish!

And all you have to do is...

Must be a follower of ARTSY FARTSY AVA via Google Friend Connect
ADD The Wow Shop on Facebook
ADD The Wow Shop on Multiply
LIKE House of Manila on Facebook
Post status on FB: " I want to win Php 150 worth of GC from @TheWow Shop @House of Manila x @Artsy Fartsy Ava Blog " ( please make sure to tag us properly and leave link below ) :)
Leave your Name, Email, FB and Multiply username, and status link

Giveaway officially ends on  FEBRUARY 1, 2012!

That's all!:) Good luck, guys!

x A.F.A.

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  1. My sister had some items shipped from that shop. I like it so much. I have their planner; which is great.


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  3. Ohh! Love the items of these online shops! Thanks for featuring them, love!! :) See you soon!


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  6. love the stuff from the wow shop! first time seeing them ang cute! :)

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