by - April 15, 2012

I just noticed that I haven't been blogging for almost 5 days now and usually I do everyday. :( I was suppose to start a giveaway as well, but sadly, past few days my body wouldn't permit me. Being in bed was the only comfort I had to feel better. We also had to get Athan checked at the ER to see what was causing us to throw up or our fever. We weren't exactly able to get a direct answer since days have already passed and we ate a lot of things already. Nevertheless, I'm glad Athan is feeling better. I on the other hand, still feel a bit like hurling once in a while, but hoping by Monday I can be fit and well enough for work.

I am hoping to blog more soon!:) For now, my friend Krissy tweeted us last April 13, 2012 that we were in Philippine Daily Inquirer...

How awesome is that??:) If only I had a copy. :( If anyone of you have a copy of PDI dated April 13, 2012 and is willing to give it to me or I can buy it from you, just please hit me up!:) Thank you thank you!

x A.F.A.

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  1. get well ms ava =)


  2. it's the first time i checked out your blog and i have to say, you're an amazing blogger. continue blogging :)

    x katrina
    ps. followed your blog :D

  3. Get well real soon, babe! Missing you!


  4. Oh god, I know how you feel Ava. I have a feeling it could be the whether. I'm sick as well. I feel like I swallowed a scarf. Get better soon! :)

  5. Get well soon, please! I feel like I haven't seen you in ages. :(


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