Got Instagram! // Instagram Diary # 1

by - June 08, 2012

Started using Instagram when I got my android phone and I must say, it's quite addicting. =P I know now why a lot of people are joining in the bandwagon. :) I don't have much photos yet, but here are some...

The paper bags I labored on but lost during Bloggers United 3 itself :(

Yabu date yesterday with Athan, Keigh and Pax :)

Cute accessories from BELL CHARMS. :) Thank you, Ms. Annabel!

Meet Athan's toy, Mr. Potato Head or what he likes to call, "MASHED POTATO!"

New ear dust jacks from HOBBY DEPOT. :) Love!!

That's it!:) I also post them on my Twitter and Facebook account, so if you want, you can follow me there!:) Can't wait to share more photos!

x A.F.A.

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  1. I hope someday it will be available for Nokia phones

  2. Add meeeee: lilmisswonderwoman :)

  3. babe add me on IG at edeninthetropics! i just started too, addicting talaga! i miss you and it was great to see you kahit short lang ung interaction natin sa BU3. sad i had to leave so early for cebu :(


  4. Avaaaa, I miss you! :) So this is why you left BBM world! Haha! So tempted to get myself one, but alas... I am broke. Haha. :)

    Cat (
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