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A few weeks back, I received in the mail these two cute items from a shop called, QUIRKS. The kind of girl that I am, loves quirky and new thins, so I got totally excited upon seeing what exactly I got. :)


At first glance, you'd notice a "Tea Shirt" cup and the oh-so-awesome, Mighty Wallet. 

At first, I thought the "Tea Shirt" was actually a shirt all bundled up in the cup, but it wasn't. It's actually from a brand that QUIRKS carries, called, QUALY: living with style. They offer this cute little "Tea Shirt" that you can infuse your glass with tea leaves and it even has a memo clip to leave messages on. How cute, right?:) I bet my Mom and I would fight over who gets to use this, since we're both tea lovers. Hee. :") This is available in red and green and retails for Php 495. :)

The next thing i'll be showing you, guys is the, MIGHTY WALLET!


The Mighty Wallet is known for being, Mighty strong, Mighty thin and Mighty green. Why? Because they're one of the coolest wallets around. When you hold it, it may seem like it's only paper thin, but it's actually tear-resistant, water-resistant, and it's 100% recyclable (25% of its material coming from recycled milk and water bottles)! So, to all my fellow environment lover, this wallet is for you!:) BTW, this retails for Php 780. :)

This wallet comes in different designs, but the managing director of QUIRKS, Ms. Michelle Chan, thoughtfully sent me a DIY one and how I love it!!^_^ I get to decorate my own, Mighty Wallet!

From plain to this...


I have yet to do the other part and I'm excited to tackle that!:)

After getting these two cool thingamajigs, I can't wait to visit their stores! :) 

For your curiosity, QUIRKS is the kind of store that brings unique vision to the local gift and novelties industry. With items imported from USA, UK, Thailand, Japan and Hong Kong, the product portfolio consists of items perfect as gifts or to give yourself! The products span a wide gamut of inventive and innovative items. :)

Thank you to, Quirks and Ms. Michelle Chan for my new quirky items!

If you wanna see more items from QUIRKS, you can visit them at the following:

Stall 320-a Level R3 Power Plant Mall, Rockwell, Makati
Unit K-516 and K-517 Level 5 Shangri-la Plaza, Mandaluyong City

x A.F.A.

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  1. the mighty wallet is sooo cool, i think im getting one ;)

  2. I love looking at shops like this with cute quirky stuff! :) nice post!


  3. I love quirks too :) I bought a "math" clock from them. It had a math grid and each number on the clock was through a form of an equation. Super cute!


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