Styling stint: Meg anniversary party!

by - June 25, 2012

Started styling just this year and I'm really thankful that in the past months, I've been blessed with a good boss and a part-time job doing what I love. Styling maybe not a glamorous job, but it's something you really put time and effort to. Fortunately, I seem to be doing good so far that last Thursday, I was hired by Meg Magazine to style their 12 finalists for the I AM MEG- OWN THE WORLD IN STYLE/Meg Anniversary party at 7th High. :)

As their 24 hour stylist, I was tasked to pull-out clothes from their parter brand, HUMAN and incorporate red into the girls ensembles. I also had to create looks that embodies a MEG girl, which is young and fresh!

This was my first time to style 12 girls all at the same time. It was a bit challenging, especially doing the pull-outs, but I really did enjoy. :)

The 12 finalists!

I wanna thank Meg Magazine, Ms. Dazzle and Cat Trivino for trusting me with this project. :) I learned a lot and hoping I can style more in the future!:)

*All photos are from Meg Magazine and not mine :)*

x A.F.A.

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