Kitsho: Authentic Japanese experience!

by - July 02, 2012

I maybe Chinese, but I honestly love Japanese food more. Just tell me we're headed for a night/day of tempura, miso and sushi, you can surely count me in!:) That's why when my girl, Tracy invited me to join her and a few blog friends to experience authentic Japanese food over at Trader Hotel's new restaurant called, KITSHO!:)

First thing we did was check out their menu and they have A LOT to offer! I love eating Japanese food, but I mostly encounter the typical ones, like sushi and tempura. So, if you want to try more out, you can eat at Kitsho. :)

Since the menu was a bit overwhelming for us, they ordered the signature dishes for us and they were all so yummy! Craving as I type!

Sushi platters!^_^ Even as a young girl, I already loved eating raw fish a.k.a. sushi. I don't know who I got the affinity from since my mom hates the idea of consuming raw meat. But, I love love love it! I could it eat this for a whole straight month!

BTW, Don't you find it awesome how the second sushi platter looks like its a toy?? But they're super fresh!

The other things we got the pleasure to try out...

Mango shake / Tempura / Salmon Tar Tar ^_^

My Beb Ana is a known vegetarian to us all and Kitsho was nice enough to cater to her needs and prepared her a vegetarian feast!:)

 Made me wish I was vegetarian too! Hee. =P

If you think the Japanese feast ends there, it doesn't!

Steamed egg/ soup in a tea cup (how cute!) and dessert!:)

We had a wonderful time at Kitsho. Not only did they serve good food, but they also have a certified Japanese chef who is licensed in preparing fugu! It took him 5 years (parang doctor degree lang!) and I find it so amazing. I call that pure dedication to food!:)

Thank you so much to Traders Hotel; Kitsho for having us!:) Highly recommended!

x A.F.A.

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  1. Hihi! May vegetarian tendencies ka nga talaga beb!!! :) Hay namimiss ko yun maki and tamago dito!! hehehe! Miss you beb! :)

  2. really looks like a feast! :B

    i love sushi too. been salivating as i read through...



  3. i love japanese food too! too bad my parents don't like the idea of eating raw food :( hope i can try this resto with friends!


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