Visions at The Power Plant Mall

by - July 21, 2012

The Power Plant Mall Opens Eyes to Artistic Masterpieces with Visions
Rockwell regularly puts the spotlight on creativity and skill with its annual event Focus on the Arts, this year presenting Visions: VISIONS: A series of eye-opening displays for art enthusiasts. From July 9 to 31, artists were able to showcase their talent to the stylish crowd of the Power Plant Mall. 

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Both traditional and contemporary were in harmony as Rockwell focused on the visual arts. The North Court featured contemporary doodle artists in action, allowing art-loving mall goers to watch these visionaries as they brought their works to life. By July 12, ten back-to-back panels at the North Court served as a canvas for colorful images that captured the energy, vitality and diversity of life at the Power Plant Mall. 

I can't wait to finally see the final output of this one!:)
At the Power Plant Mall’s South Court, esteemed painter Randy Lazo’s wooden masterpieces were on display from June 9 to 31, presenting classic and elegant pieces that truly harken to Rockwell’s love for the art tradition. Talented artists Kelly Sonio, Michael Cacnio, Buhay Mendoza, and Jun Balasbas put together a visual feast for art lovers at the Main Hall of Archaeology of the Power Plant Mall from June 9 until 31. Mall-goers can catch these exhibits and enjoy this celebration of art and creativity at the Power Plant Mall until the end of the month.

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