A little positivity goes a long way

by - August 10, 2012

With the typhoon over and being stuck here at home, I realized I needed a little positivity since these past few days have been really gloomy for everyone. But of course, we shouldn't focus on the bad side, because there's always a good end to that. :)

The typhoon may have caused a lot of destruction to our country, but every time we encounter a calamity such as that, we find ourselves helping our fellowmen in need. I've seen so much people use their social network to communicate by asking for donations, warning others and teaming up for a cause. Even celebrities, politicians, bloggers, local people, malls and restaurants have joined forces to give aid to people who lost so much. It's always heartwarming to see such a sight. I salute everyone who didn't waste their time complaining about the typhoon, but instead, got up and made something positive out of the situation. Kudos!

For the people who are having their own battle, may it be depression or you just don't know what to make out of life, I know it may be hard to concentrate on being optimistic, but it won't hurt to try loving or enjoying the simple things in life, right? Whether that be watching the sunset, seeing your daughter/son smile, hanging out with friends or eating the food you've been craving for. There are plenty of them if you just look closer and appreciate. Battle the bad vibes, because there's a lot more to smile about. :) If you feel a little blue, still, maybe you can make a mood board or collage, like what I did above. Find your happy pill and just pray. It helps. :)

Well, that's all for now! Just food for thought! Have a great weekend, everyone! TGIF!

x A.F.A.

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