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by - September 03, 2012

I haven't been showing much "artsy" side here on my blog lately and to be honest, I kinda miss posting about art. I made this blog back in 2008 as an online diary for my daily rambles and of course art related stuff, but I got sidetracked with my other love, which is fashion. :) Nevertheless, I'll still update my "ART DIARIES" whenever I get the chance and if you're interested, I placed a link on my sidebar to access those kinds of post. :)

Anyway, for this segment of ART DIARIES, I'm going to share with you two things that helps me keep inspired and I think other people as well!

The Mood board
Believe it or not, I just got myself a cork board last Saturday. I think I got it for only Php 69 at SM school supplies. :) For me, the price and size is just right for someone who's just starting with their mood board. I've had this for two days and that's my only accomplishment so far in decorating it. Plus, I still have to print photos of the things that inspire me or maybe a few post-it of quotes here and there. ;) I can't wait to add more in the coming days!

Before having a mood board and even as a kid, I would always always have a notebook with me. I guess you can say it was my version of a "mood board." :) But lately, since I can't keep up with the typical planner ( I often forget to write on it =P), Its been a mixture of writing the memorable or happy things that happened to me in a day or things I don't want to forget. It's also my doodle notebook, all in one, because I have this bad habit of not finishing a notebook to its final page, so I wanna start a new leaf and not change to a new one until my old one needs to retire. =P Plus, the Hubby gave me my recent one for my birthday, so I wouldn't want to waste it!

That's it!:) So far, my notebook keeps me sane with the things I have to remember, my wish list, bucket list and more. While my mood board will be something I can look whenever I need some positive reenforcement. :)

How about you, where do you post things to keep in the mood/inspired?:) Do tell!

BTW, I'm just curious, would you like to see more ART DIARIES post in the future?:)

x A.F.A.

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  1. Sa wakas you posted something "artsy fartsy" here. Para san pa't Artsy Fartsy Ava ang pangalan ng blog mo pero wala naman kahit anong tungkol sa art.

  2. @anonymous trying my best to post. :) i usually do art related stuff, but don't get the time to take photos. will try to do it often.

  3. Cute post, Ava. I also bought myself a mood board and I wanted to pin photos with the places I have been to. I am not on pinterest and IG but I would love to print my photos. It's not usually done these days, yes?

    Gusto ko sana humingi ng hand-made postcard from you but I think that's too much. Will send you one in return. Let me know. =)

  4. @Chyrel that idea of handmade postcard seems interesting!:) I'd love to try that out!:)

  5. I know how you feel about fashion and art. :)) I feel the same way about my writing and have been devoting a lot more time to it than usual. Time to balance things out I suppose--fashion and passion, if that makes sense. Hahaha!

  6. Super cute!!! Ganda ng handwriting mo, babe! Haha pati doodles. ♥ Wish I've such great talent like yours.

    Arnie Villanueva

  7. Your doodles are so cute! I always have a notebook with me as well which usually takes the form of a planner where I jot down thoughts and little doodles. I love looking at other people's notebook as well. It just says so much about a person & what they're thinking. :)


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