Instagram Diary # 4

by - September 09, 2012

Another Instagram post!:) I hope you're not tired of it yet. =P I'm still quite hooked with the app and I totally don't regret trading in my BlackBerry for an android phone because of it!:)

Anyhoo, about the photos...

a.) MoonLeaf's Oolong Milk tea! To be honest, I kinda got tired of the milk tea trend a few months back, but when I got pregnant, I started craving for it, as if it was my first time to try milk tea. =P I like other "brands", but MoonLeaf is my ultimate favorite right now. Can't stop thinking about their Oolong milk tea w/pearls. Hmmm.. :)

b.) I don't often post pictures of Gersh and me on Instagram, but I just felt cheesy one night and thought of bugging him for a quick photo. =P Good thing he's game with almost all my antics. Love you! :)

c.) Kamatis & Itlog na maalat-- One of my cheap food thrills. This goes so well with fish or longanisa. ^_^ What's your cheap thrill?:)

d.) Been trying to do some water color painting, but since I don't always have the time to paint, I opted for a not-so expensive paint set. When I posted this on IG, a friend of mine left a comment saying, "Ang Pambansang watercolor! Lahat tayo dadaan diyan!" And I totally agree with him! I remember that this was one of the first water color paint that I had growing up and even at school!:)

e.) Cute statement bracelets from Bellavanite. :)

f.) Athan doesn't have much shoes, so I thought, why not get him a new pair. We went to Payless last Friday and when I made him pick between a brown boat shoes and red sneakers, he went right for the red sneakers. Like father like son. ;)

g.) Went to the bookstore yesterday. Well, we always make sure to stop by one when we go to the mall and the first thing Athan did was sit down on the floor and read a dictionary. :)) It was a Garfield version, so I guess it attracted him. Funny boy!

h.) Ombre shorts are such an in thing right now and too bad I can't wear these yet. :( But only 3 months left ( counting the 1 month rest after giving birth) and I can finally style this! Thank you, Vanilla Breeze! Love love the colors and studs!^_^

i.) Lastly, I attempted a little D.I.Y. with some yarn and hex nuts. I wanna do more of these, but with smaller hex nuts and different colors of yarn. Whatcha think??:) 

 That's all for now!:) Instagram username: @artsyava

Hope you all had a nice weekend!

x A.F.A.

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  1. LOVET! :) Sweet ng gersh pic, I love water colors and this picture makes me want to buy mamaya (hehe) and I super love itlog na maalat ;P

  2. The ombre shorts!!! ♥ Can't wait to see you wear it, girl! Love it when you do IG posts, so personal. :)

    Arnie Villanueva

  3. I like the ombre shorts and I bought one before pero kita naman iyong chimney ko when I bend. Haha!

    Cute ni Athan at magaling pumili ng shoes. <3


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